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UFO Conference: Castlegate Hotel,
ATlanta, GA October 15, 1995

The Gods themselves and the powers that be seemed fated to skew the semi-perfectly laid plans of my husband and myself to attend the UFO Conference at the Castlegate Hotel this year in a timely, organized manner.

We checked ourselves into the hotel on the evening of the 14th to ensure prompt arrival at the day-long event of the next day. The Castlegate is an establishment that clearly has seen better days, but it still has a type of class about it that made staying there for one night no great hardship. Once we were safely ensconced in our room, however, my husband discovered, to his dismay, that our tape recorder, on which he had hoped to record the UFO speakers, was irretrievably out of order. When we subsequently turned on the television, the remote control did not work properly. After a time we set our alarm and went to sleep. Because the alarm did not go off, we overslept enough so that we were too late for breakfast at the Castlegate. We had to go elsewhere.

Upon driving across the street for breakfast, I noticed that the electronic door lock on my side would not work the way it was supposed to. When we returned to the hotel the door lock wouldn't budge from its locked position for about 10 minutes. Finally, we got it unlocked and made our way up to the conference.

Mark Davenport, who was there with his wife, Leah Haley, was the first speaker we saw. Both were UFO contactees who had each been married to other people when they had first met at another UFO conference, and they could not take their eyes off of each other. He described her as "(having had, at the time) like most other recent contactees ....the look of a scared rabbit" . After the first meeting they kept running into each other at subsequent UFO meetings. Finally, their marriages each broke up and they married each other.

Haley has written two books about her experiences with UFO's. She has also written a children's book "Ceto's New Friends", about the young alien Ceto's successful search for friendship on earth. Since I write children's stories myself, I am always interested to see what else is on the market in the way of children's stories. I purchased a copy of this one, after getting it autographed by its author.

Fearon Hicks was the next speaker, He looked more like a jovial, middle-aged, slightly overweight college professor, than my previous conception (whatever that was) of what a typical U.F.O. contactee, "should look like". Among other slides he showed as an augmentation of his narrative about his experiences with aliens was a slide of an eighteenth century painting showing the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. In the painting, a flying saucer could be seen in the distance.

The next speaker we heard was David Huggins He had had contact with aliens starting from the time he was a young boy. When he had grown up aliens started using him repeatedly for sexual contact and for continued propogation of their species. I found myself feeling a slight sense of revulsion at the thought that so many aliens were just using the body parts of a human man to satisfy their sexual and reproductive needs. I wondered (not for the first time)if being an alien precluded having feelings and emotions. Huggins showed us slides of paintings he had done of some of the aliens he had encountered. They were "typically" alien in their white-as-snow covering, and their big, hollow, black eyes. They all had coal-black, straight "egyptian" hair, but Huggins had figured out that they were wearing wigs.

After David Huggins finished speaking my husband and I went out for lunch. In doing so we missed Ed Komareck's speech on "Ending the UFO Coverup Through Political Action". When we came back the Reverend Dr. Frank Stranges was speaking about "E.T contact and religion". According to Reverend Stranges, their are eight possible origins of UFO's:

1) A figment of people's imagination
2) A phenomenom manufactured by the
the US government
3) A phenomenom manufactured by the
4) A phenomenom manufactured by Nazis
South America
5) A function of time travel
6) Interdimensional
7) Inner Earth
8) Outer Space

In contrast to the somewhat hostile aliens Huggins and some others had spoken of, Stranges spoke of a benign one named Valient Thor. According to Stranges, he had had contact with the Thor since the 60's. When a human had asked Thor if he had any book like the Bible on his planet, he had answered him saying " Why would we need a book when we're still walking hand in hand with the creator?" This rather pat answer of Thor's interfered with my comfort zone. "How does this differ significantly from the countless individual humans I know who for one reason or another feel that they have the most direct pipeline of all to whatever Higher Power they worship?" I thought to myself.

Stranges went on to say that he and Thor met with Bobby Kennedy when he was running for President in 1968. Stranges described Kennedy in that meeting as being a " cold.....arrogant" man, who strode into the room, asking Stranges "Is all this B.S true about Valient Thor?" Stranges said that Kennnedy went on to say that he wanted to know the answer, from Thor, to two questions. FIrstly, he wanted to know who had killed his brother, the then President John F. Kennedy, in 1963. Secondly, since he would be running for President himself in the 1968 Presidential Election, he wanted to know what his chances of winning would be.

Valient Thor apparently answered these questions for Kennedy. From what Stranges said, he told him, in Stranges presence, who had shot his brother. Stranges offered to share the identity of JFK's "real" assassinator with anybody who wanteed to know, after the lecture. All I am prepared to say here is that, according to Stranges, it was NOT Oswald who shot Kennedy and that the identity of the "real" killer might come as a surprise to some people. Thor also told Kennedy that he would not win the Presidency in 1968, but that if he waited until the 1972 elections to run he would almost surely win. Of course, Bobby Kennedy himself, was assassinated in June, 1968. According to Stranges, this actually happened as a result of one of Kennedy's guards accidentally firing his gun. Sirhan Sirhan, according to this theory, was just the poor guy who ended up wrongly serving a life sentence for this crime.

Among other subjects Reverend Stranges touched upon were a group he called the Inner Circle, who are intent upon ferreting out information about aliens, intelligence that has been too long forced into suppression by the government and the other powers that be. The Dead Sea Scrolls, owned in large part by the Rockefeller Foundation, are reputed to have been suppressed in this way partly because of the information they contain about aliens. Stranges also talked of a publication, Interspace Link Confidential Newsletter, that is only for those individuals who are single mindedly serious in their dedication to the UFO cause.

The next speaker was the Reverend Dr. Allen Greenfield. His subject was entitled " the Secret Rituals of the UFO Nauts revealed." Reverend Greenfield said that some people thought that the world had been taken over by the UFO's but that in fact it had not. He went on to say that most beings from other planets are too scared and wary of earthlings to even contemplate the infiltration of our planet. In addition even the more advanced aliens are on the run from the predatory "lower caste" grey aliens and will not interfere in other worlds.

There were a lot of speakers at the UFO convention, and we did not have the time to listen to all of them. There were also a number of booths outside the speaker hall, filled with UFO books and paraphanalia for sale, not to mention an abundance of UFO contactees, UFO affecianados, and in general people of all shapes, sizes and persuasions, roaming the halls, stopping to buy or talk, or not stopping for anything at all. Among others, we noticed Al Bielik of Montauk and the Philadelphia Experiment fame, sporting a baseball cap bearing the legend "U.S.S. Eldridge" I had the opportunity to talk briefly with David Huggins during a cigarette break. He could not have been more delightful company.

For the record, I am not a contactee, but I am married to one. What I am is a believer in the probability that other intelligent life exists on other planets and in other galaxies besides ours. If I had not believed this before attending this convention, the event would surely have helped convince me of at least the possibility that we are not alone.

- Anne Colee

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