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David Huggins

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Says Huggins, in describing this work of art:

"The two women are holding me and stroking me. I reach my climax in a container. The insect being is in the foreground. To the right is a group of women behind the curtain...
"As to how this came about, one night I found myself in a room with many women. The tall thin man came by and in passing he said, `You will give all these women babies'. I asked, `Make love to all of them in one night?' The tall man laughed... I was given a bowl, and two of the women to arouse me. I remember them making soft, purring sounds as I reached my climax. The insect being was there and the other women were there. The women were artificially inseminated..."

David Huggins' works have been exhibited in New York City and Huntington Beach, California. This particular painting has not been shown in public however, due to the vestige of Puritanism in this country.