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Web Based


Wing Commander Flip It

"Flip It" is a solitaire locic puzzle. The object is to turn all the tiles same color (remove the logos). The impossible version needs quite some memory...

Wing Commander Mosaic

The classic jigsaw puzzle with various Wing Commander motives. The impossible version adds a new twist...

Neuromancer 2.0

Neuromancer is set as the fight between a group of very skilled hackers.
The name Neuromancer is derived from the famous Neuromancer Trilogy. While this PBEM does not play directly in said world it did influence the design. Knowledge of that book series is in no way required for playing, however.
Due to insufficient interest this game is discontinued.


Javascript XOR

A simple, but fast crypto system.
Do not use for sensitive data unless you use a really big key. See the Breaking XOR article for more information.
Note: Javascript XOR is incompatible to the other XOR programs as it also needs to unescape the text.

Terms of Use


All software presented on my homepage is free for personal use. However, I'd like to encourage everyone to support the principles of both careware and mailware.
Mailware is defined this way: Should you consider this software to be useful I'd be happy if you'd drop me a mail.
Careware means that if you feel this software is worth paying for, donate something to those in need, rather then to pay me.
I won't enforce any of those but would be happy if you did it.

General License for Non-Commercial Use

All software presented is copyright CFF-Soft, respectively Karl Frank (
You may freely use this software for non-commercial purposes.
It may not be used for commercial purposes without an additional license.
If you distribute any copies, you must include this notice and these conditions must apply to the recipient.
No warranty of fitness for any purpose whatever is given, intended, or implied.
You use this software entirely at your own risk. If you choose to use it, by your actions you acknowledge that any consequential damage whatever is your responsibility, not mine.