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Here you can find some of my scientific projects.
The main focus is on artificial intelligence, respectively natural computing, and some cryptography.


My collection of free software and patches for DOS, Windows and Geos.
Besides some scientific programs (see above) that I can distribute, these are mostly small tools or games that I did long ago.
The second half covers a couple of mods and patches for some PC games.

Web Based

Web based software that runs in the browser window or by e-mail.
These are mostly proof of concept of what can be done with standard browser stuff (Javascript) without having to resort to Flash or CGI.


Explore my creative side.
After long days in front of a PC it is relaxing to create some non virtual stuff. This is a collection of my bigger projects.

Other Stuff

A container for everything else.
Mostly a retirement castle for older websites I created that aren't maintained anymore.


Places on the net that are of interest.
A collection of not so well known web-pages that are useful to know.


This is the impressum section.
You can find a bit more about myself here as well as contact information.