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Replacement EXE File.

Check below for replacement EXE files and instructions on what to do with them.

If You Have Trouble Downloading Anything.

Some people have reported difficulty downloading large files from this site. I don't know why but there is an alternative. Contact me by email and I will place the file you are having difficulty with on Send Space and you can download it from there. Send Space downloads are by invitation only so I can't just put the files up there for everyone to go after.

For those outside of the U.S. and Canada.

These programs may not work in your country. I have had reports from residents of Europe of error messages when starting MaxCAD. It seems there is a problem with differences between the way decimal fractions are written in north America and Europe. I don't know of any solution to this problem and I don't even know if there is one. I'm sorry to shut out the rest of the world but it isn't my doing. You'll have to take it up with those who set the standards of number representation.

Programs for Windows 98 and later.

The programs you can download from this page were compiled under Windows 98 but you can successfully install them in any version of Windows, as far as I know, up to and including Windows Vista. Windows 7 has not been heard from as yet. You must be careful NOT to let the installer replace files on your computer with OLDER files. The installer will give you a choice so always say keep the newer files. Install will proceed even if you give this answer.

If you are installing in Windows 98 and you have an especially old version the installer will ask to update some "out of date" files. In this case, and only this case, is it alright to let it replace the files.


Select the program you want from the list below and single click the link. Your operating system may give you a paranoiac warning about viruses. I assure you there is no intentionally malicious code in any of these programs. You can click the OK button without fear.

The next box you get will give you the choice of "open" or "save". Select "save". Next your system will ask you where you want to save it. On my computer I dump all downloaded files into a folder I have named "My Downloads". Put it wherever you want but remember where you put it. The file will come with its own name but you can change it if you want to. If you do, remember what you called it. As downloaded it has the form "filename-98.exe" where "filename" is the descriptive name I have given to the program.

In this dialog box press Save. The download box will open. If the "Close this dialog box when download completes" check box is not checked, I recommend you check it.

When the box closes you may close your web browser.

Now you are ready to install the program.


Before you extract the zipped files you need to create a new folder to extract them to. This folder may be deleted after the installation is finished. I suggest naming it "AA" so it will be easy to find.

Open Windows Explorer and find the file you just downloaded. Double click on it in the right hand pain.

A box with the title "Extract Archive Files" will open. There is nothing you can change in this box so click "Next".

A box with the title "Destination Directory" will open. Type "C:\AA" in the text box and click "Next".

The next dialog will say "Extraction Complete". Click "Finish".

Now select the folder "AA" in the left pain and double click on "setup.exe" in the right hand pain. You will get another warning from the paranoid boys. Click "Run".

You will get a standard installation box about closing other programs. Personally, I don't worry much about this. I think it's a hangover from Windows 3.1 when you couldn't run more than one program at a time. Click "OK".

If you get a message about replacing files on your system, your answer depends on what operating system you are using. If Windows 98 it's alright to replace files.

If you use something later than 98 replacing files could damage your system. So don't do it. No matter if the files are older or newer, DON'T REPLACE THEM.

Previously I urged you to use the default install path. Thanks to a gentleman who lives in Italy, I now know how to find the file path at run time. That means you can install the files anywhere you want and the program will know where to find them.

The next box tells you where the program is going to be installed. You can change it to anything you want. To move on click the icon in the upper left corner of the box.

Next is "choose program group" box. Click "continue" and don't worry about it unless you need to for some reason.

The next message is that one that brings a big smile to your face, and mine too. "filename Setup was completed successfully". Click "OK".

Special Additional Instructions for MaxCAD.

Do not run the program yet.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where you installed MaxCAD. Find the file named MaxCAD_Shapes_and_Fonts.exe. Double click on it in the right hand pain.

A box with the title "Extract Archive Files" will open. There is nothing you can change in this box so click "Next". That's right. This was a self extracting zip file within a self extracting zip file.

A box with the title "Destination Directory" will open. Type the path to where you installed MaxCAD in the text box and click "Next". If you didn't change it during the installation the path will be "C:\Program Files\MaxCAD"

The next dialog will say "Extraction Complete". Click "Finish".

MaxCAD is now installed and ready to run.

Now go back and delete the folder AA. You may also want to delete the file MaxCAD_Shapes_and_Fonts.exe which is in the folder where you installed MaxCAD. If you ever need it again you may download it from this site.

Desktop Icon.

I don't know about you but I prefer to start my most often used programs from a desktop icon. If you don't, then go and download the program you want according to the instructions above and skip the rest of this.

If, on the other hand, you do want a desktop icon, here is how to make one.

Method 1.

Click the start button and go through the maze until you get to the program you want.

With the pointer on the program press and hold the RIGHT mouse button.

While continuing to hold the right button drag (move the mouse) off of the menu into a blank part of the desktop.

Release the button. A context menu will pop up. Select "Copy here".

The icon will appear but it may not be exactly where you want it. Use the left mouse button to drag it to the desired location.

Method 2.

Right click in a blank part of the desktop. A menu will pop up. Select "New" and then "Shortcut" from the submenu.

The shortcut wizard will start.

Press the "Browse" button and navigate to the folder where you installed the program.

Find the "exe" file and then click "OK". Then click "Next".

This box contains the name you will see on the desktop. You don't have to use the name "filename.exe". Make it what ever suits your fancy.

Then click finish.

A thee, a thee, a that's all folks.

Not quite.

Replacement EXE files.

If you have already installed a program there is no need to do it again. You can download the EXE file and just replace it on your hard drive. Here are the instructions for downloading and placing the file in the correct folder on your computer.

Click on the link "Replacement filename.exe file for Windows 98".

If you want to you may download the file to the folder where you originally installed the program.

After download is complete Open Windows Explorer and go to the folder you downloaded the EXE file to. The file has the name "filename-R-98.exe".

If you didn't download it to the original installation folder you need to move it there.

In that folder delete the file "filename.exe".

Rename the downloaded file from "filename-R-98.exe" to "filename.exe".

Your program is now up to date.

Audio Amplifier Design.

Audio Amplifier Design. 1.609 Mbytes.

Replacement exe file. 100 Kbytes.

Circlotron Amplifier Analysis.

Circlotron Analysis. 1.595 Mbytes.

Class AB Amplifier Analysis.

There are still some errors in this program. It is fun to play with but I don't recommend you base a design on its results.

Class AB Amplifier Analysis. 1.587 Mbytes.

EXE file only. 26 Kbytes.

Electronics Calculator Suite.

Last updated May 27, 2006.

This update fixes an issue caused by different screen resolution settings. If you are using a low resolution setting you likely will have to maximize some of the windows so they will look right.

Electronics Calculators for Windows 98 and later.

Replacement Electronics.exe file for Windows 98 and later.

Power Transformer Evaluator.

Last updated October 5, 2005.

Power Transformer for Windows 98 and later.

By Popular Demand, DOS version of the Power Transformer Evaluator.

DOS Version of Power transformer.

MaxCAD, A Drafting Program.

Another and significant feature has now been added to MaxCAD. It is an automatic Dimensioning function. This feature is quite new and I haven't tested it very long. I think I have all the bugs out but one never knows. This new function is proving to be very useful to me and I hope you will find it the same. It required one small change in short cut keys. The "dial and meter scale designer" is now invoked by "Control D" and the "Dimension" function by "D".

And an even newer than new feature is the ability to rotate one or more objects in an animated manner. It is used to check for interferences in swinging doors and other similar structures. It is explained in the revised instruction manual.

If you downloaded the replacement .exe file or installed the program between April 28 and May 24 2008 you have a bug in which a specific sequence of events results in the Open and Save As windows being visible at the same time. This has been fixed. If your download falls into this time window it is recommended that you download and install the replacement .exe file as instructed above.

Writing the instruction manual has caused me to go through every possible track in each command. That turned up a few minor things ranging from spelling errors to windows that stayed open after an error message was received. As I found each issue I fixed it. MaxCAD has gotten even better as a result. The manual is essentially finished and it has been divided into an individual file for each chapter and a table of contents is linked to each chapter and each section within each chapter. It has now been put in a zip file for download from this location. You can also read it on line at this location.

With the newly added ability to change the draw color and line type using hot keys I found it would be convenient to have the current information displayed on the screen. This should avoid surprises. The line color and line type appear in the title bar.

The most recently added feature is to allow hidden lines in shapes to appear as hidden lines when the shape is inserted into a drawing.

A couple of small issues have been fixed with this most recent update. When drawing dimension lines on an angle other than vertical or horizontal some extra lines appeared. This has been fixed. Also the "What is it" command did not show the line type of a line. Fixed. The "Line Type Reverts..." is checked at startup instead of waiting until it is changed for the first time.

The latest update fixes a problem that suddenly appeared without any of the source code being changed. I suspect this resulted from updates to the windows operating system which altered the way graphics were handled. When the Snap setting was changed one or two copies of the dotted cross cursor remained in a fixed location on the screen. This has now been fixed.

There was a bug I didn't know about until it jumped up and bit me twice. I was finally able to reproduce it. When you save a file and get the message "This file exists: Replace it?" if you click the "No" button all changes to the current drawing since your last save will be lost and the existing file with the name you typed will be loaded. I lost about 90 minutes work on both occasions. Yup, it even happens to programmers. It is now fixed.

Note: If you missed the deadline for converting your old files I have a copy of the old EXE file which I will email to anyone who needs it to recover files written with versions prior to October 4, 2005.

Last updated October 22, 2010.

Instruction Manual for MaxCAD. 185 kB.

MaxCAD for Windows 98 and later.

Replacement MaxCAD.exe file for Windows 98 and later.

Replacement Help file for MaxCAD

Install in a similar manner to replacement EXE file.

Latest shape and font files. If you installed MaxCAD more than a year ago there are some new shape files. You don't need to reinstall the program to get the latest shape files. Just download this file and run it. It may be wise to unzip it into another folder such as one named AA. If you have modified some of the original shapes you won't want to overwrite these files. Unzipping to a different folder will give you time to consider what you want to keep and what you want to overwrite.

Updated shape file collection.

Last updated June 25, 2006.

Amplifier Feedback Design for Windows 98 and later.

Replacement Tube_Amplifier.exe file for Windows 98 and later.

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