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Please note that the demo on this page is not produced by Nintendo and is free for your entertainment.


Quick Links to my shockwave demos:

3d [Super Mario RPG] x 100 demo
2d [Super Mario Bros 1] x 115 demo with rotation
2d [Super Mario Bros 1] x 115 demo
2d [Super Mario Bros 2 US] x 100 demo
[Zelda 1] Isometric 3d demo
Experimental [Super Mario Bros 2 US] online level editor
Experimental [Metroid] online level editor
Metroid Cubed [Isometric 3d Voxel Conversion]


An online shockwave preview of my Metroid Level Editor

I'm also currently working on an editor for Metroid's music.

And here is a SECRET LINK to a playeable demo of my 3d Metroid Conversion called Metroid Cubed

Requires Shockwave 8 or Better
Click here to see a screenshot of the near finished editor

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