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Welcome to Forever Blue Skies- the only Takatsuki Gentatsu shrine on the web (as far as I know). I mean, let's face it; the Kenshin movie stank compared to the Kyoto arc. But it was actually pretty enjoyable, at least for me. It had pretty designs, corrupt villians, a guest appearance by Saitou-sama, Kenshin going Battousai...I felt kinda bad for Yahiko's redshirt friend there, though. You knew he was going to bite it from the beginning, like the ensigns that went planet-side with Kirk and Spock in Star Trek.

The only other thing I'm going to bother to say about the movie is about the flashback. You remember. The flashback that was played so many times you thought you'd scream if you saw those swirly lights or that funky hair one more time...

This page is devoted to the owner of that funky hair. Hitokiri Gentatsu was my favorite character created for the movie. He's smart, an expert swordsman despite the fact that the Battousai took him out in two seconds (but he's the Battousai, so we expect that), real cute when he smiles... A gem among mercilessly destroyed Kenshin plot devices!

This is for you, Gentatsu-sama.
May the blue sky be forever tall and forever clear.

Although if I hear that one more time, someone's getting gatotsu'd. Urusai Soku Zan!


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American Release of the Movie- A review
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I love Kenji!!!!! *glompies*