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Lewis Boat Works: Custom Boat building and Plans


The experimental design plans page.

Here are some experimental boats plans that I came up with. If anyone builds one of these boats, please send pics and building and performance reports. Plans include offsets for the panels and some drawings. You will need to do up your own seating arrangements and rigging if applicable. Designs are for Stitch and Glue building method unless otherwise noted. Most are boats I would like to build, but do not have the storage space for them once they have been completed. A few are simply design exercises and/or doodles.


Corazone Del Oro      DinghBat     PodYakFlat      PodYakVee

TSS10V     Leprechaun     Elf     Wrongway      OneSheetBoats


I will be adding the links as I get the Offsets worked out and the pages made.


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