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News and Updates

Monday: September 20, 2004 - 10:40 PM CST
   I added a new work to Talen's Art Room, The Sword of Riva by Sofia Wirstr÷m. Thanks, Sofia, for this excellent piece!
   Also, there's a new poll related to Halloween that you can vote on. And I really shouldn't be here because I have work to do!
--- Ehlana

Sunday: July 4, 2004 - 10:30 PM CST
   This may be my last major update for a while... I've no clue how long that while will be.
   Firstly, I've found a second picture of David Eddings, believe it or not. Check the Eddings Reference page to see it. It's a very nice picture. I also found Geoff Taylor's sketches of Althalus as well as Dave's notes and original maps on RoA. You'll find those on corresponding pages. Dave's Atlas is also a new page. And lastly, I've added an Eddings interview page with old and recent interviews.
   Well, I had a wonderful 4th of July re-meeting all of my family. For those who don't know (since all the Europeans have been asking), the 4th of July is the U.S. Independance Day. Cheers!
--- Ehlana

Friday: July 2, 2004 - 3:00 PM CST
   I created two new quizzes for The Elenium and Tamuli because the old one is kind of crummy. Complete
Schlee's Path of Ice to reveal the link to the next quiz.
   I also renamed the "Eddings Art" page to "Talen's Art Room," and then I added a few links to cover art in the "Eddings Reference" page.
--- Ehlana

For more excerpts, go to: Excerpts.

Saturday: July 24, 2004

Belgarath the Sorcerer
Part Four: Polgara - Chapter 26
   "How did you straighten her eyes?"
   "Muscles, Old Wolf. Tighten some. Relax others. It's easy if you pay attention. Details, father, you have to pay attention to details. Isn't that what you told me?"
   "Where did you learn so much about eyes?"
   She shrugged. "I didn't. I just made it up as I went along. Shall we go to Drasnia?"

Sunday: July 11, 2004

Belgarath the Sorcerer
Part Two: The Apostate - Chapter 9
   Have you ever noticed that? We base our assessment of the intelligence of others almost entirely on how closely their thinking matches our own. I'm sure that there are people out there who violently disagree with me on most things, and I'm broad-minded enough to concede that they might possibly not be complete idiots, but I much prefer the company of people who agree with me.
   You might want to think about that.

Friday: March 21, 2003

The Lost Years of Merlin
Part Three: Chapter 25 - A Staff and a Shovel
   A few moments later we reached the spot. Here the river widened considerably, flowing over a bed of white stones. As I had hoped, the water, while still fast flowing, looked quite shallow. Beneath the boulders, the mud on both banks showed tracks of large, heavy boots.
   "Goblinses," said Shim, observing the tracks.
   "I'm sure the River Unceasing did not make it easy for them to cross."
   Shim glanced up at me. "Myself, I hates to cross rivers. Really, truly, honestly."
   I leaned against my staff, grasping the gnarled top. "You don't have to do it. It's your choice."
   "How far will it goes?"
   "To where Rhia is! Since those goblins think they have the Galator in their sack, they are probably heading to Stangmar's castle. I don't know if we can catch them before we get there, but we must try. It's our only hope, and Rhia's."

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