Like any game, this game has rules which should be followed. They are placed here and are subject to change at any time for whatever reason.

1. Any graphic sex, violence, or mature topics must have a *Content* Warning. The reason for this it to protect those posting from work, or who choose to avoid such things. If you have to make a new thread to accomidate this, go on ahead.

2. Be careful on potential bashing. While most people can separate what's said in character from out of character, not everyone can. Please think before you have your character say something derogatory about another character's gender/preferences/religion/etc.

3. Please post in story format, that script stuff drives the GM crazy.

4. Character per player limit is 10. This maybe limited according to extenuating circumstance.

5. Joining an established group must be okayed by the GM and whoever's playing the boss of the group in question.

6. Any big thread ideas or new game concepts must be okayed by the GM.

7. Any official game changes(new rules, new groups, etc.) will be posted by the GM when they occur.

8. Please post at least a minimum of 3 times a week, if you get lost someone will update you (probably the GM on that too)

9. Anyone causing a serious disruption in the game will be banned. Sorry, but this is one thing I can't abide by. If you do sneak back in, you will be banned again immediately upon discovery.

10. No Godmoding, Powerplaying or killing off characters without notice and permission. Dead characters are NOT fun to play.

11. Please fill out the entire bio form. I made it that way for a reason. Please do not bring your character in unless he/she is approved.

12. You are responsible for placing a copy of the bio form and pictures in the respected folders and albums in the Documents and Pictures section. You are also responsible for filling your entries in the Cast List and Contact List.

13. NO Flaming, Spamming, or Trolling. Keep OT things off the main list, please. We have a separate board for OOC/OT topics.

14. This game contains mature and sensitive content matter such as: alternative lifestyles, sexual abuse, paganism, and so on. If you are easily offended, perhaps this is not the group for you.

15. Do not argue with GM or Co-GMs decisions.

16. No advertising of other games on the site without the GM's permission

It's not to safe to be a superpowered being in the world. You're hated at worse and tolerated at best. The Government has started Operation: Zero Tolerance to pretty much wipe you off the face of the planet. So who do you turn to so you can have some sort of life, since it's not too safe to go solo here.

The Assorted Supergroups:

The X-Men (Mutants seeking peaceful coexistance) Based in Westchester, New York

Danse Macabre (Secret organization that keeps an eye on magic) Based in a secret location called Blackrock

M.I.B. (Secret organization that keeps an eye on aliens) Based mainly somewhere in New York with branches everywhere

The Brotherhood (Mutants more opinionated in their goals of coexistance) Based on Avalon, an asteroid above Earth

The Avengers (Sanctioned superteam) Based in a mansion in New York.

Friends of Humanity (Anti-superpowers group which does employ anyone to accomplish their goals) Has groups everywhere

The Fantastic Four are also available, but we have no players on that team at this time.

Character Rules

Pretty much anything's allowed short of major pan-dimensional beings such as greater demons/devils, angels and other things along those lines. Feel free to try ideas from other movies, comics, whathaveyou. We'll see what works out best and drop what doesn't. Killing characters off must be approved by the GM, otherwise you're free to do whatever with your characters. Godmoding will not be tolerated, it takes the fun out of the game for everyone. Magic is allowed, but it has very strict rules which follow.

Magic- All magic spells MUST be listed on the character sheet. All spells MUST be approved by me. Characters using magic need a reason why, such as witchblood, super-natural heritage and so on. Dr. Strange style sorceries is preferred, but I'll listen to what you got. Basically spells are divided into Innate, which are inborn magic and Standard, needs to speak words and/or gesture to cast.

Membership Status

When you request to join at Yahoo, a simple form letter confirming the request as well as an email explaining the bare bones basics of PBeM gaming, a bioform, Character rules, and the FAQ for Dark_Marvel. Essentially you're getting blitzed with the assorted need to knows, so read them all through thoroughly. As soon as you can, please send me your character's bio and an audition post so I can look it over and get back to you quickly. No one will be approved until I get the bio and audition post.

When you are approved you will receive a welcome email as well as copies of the most recent rules, gamesetting, and other important notices. Please give these a thorough read through as it will make your entry into the game much smoother.

If you are rejected, you will recieve a form letter stating you have been rejected at this time.

This rejection may occur if you are seriously underage, if you have a reputation of being a not-so-good player among other things. We will take many things into consideration, and please understand this isn't personal. You can always reapply at a later date. The only exception to this is if you have been banned from the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a PBeM exactly?

A PBeM RPG is a role playing game that is played via Internet email. It is a cooperative story telling effort where each participant (player) creates and controls one of the characters in the story. The player then writes about the character and their interactions in the game environment.

In this case the setting is a variation of the Marvel Universe where anything can happen.

What's an audition post?

An audition post is where you send me a sample post for your character. It must be in story format and give me an idea of your character in action. This will help me and my Co-moderator determine how you might fit into the game.

Okay, I sent in the bio and the audition post, now what?

Here is where you'll find out if you're approved or rejected. If you are rejected, please do not take it personal (I can't stress this enough). It just means that we can't approve you at this time, and you can try again at a future date. New players are put on moderated post for a length of time until we're certain you're fitting in well and have a good handle on how things go.

I went through all that, and I'm approved. Now what?

You're in the game, hope you have fun. :)