Bio Form

Please fill out the bio form in its entirety. I created all those slots for a reason. Just highlight the text below and hit ctrl+C, or Copy. Paste it onto an e-mail msg by typing ctrl+V. Then, fill it out accordingly and send the bio to the Powers That Be. The e-mail address is below the form.

ALL characters have flaws, so please be sure to list them. Please do not make relatives of other characters without the player's and GM's permission.

Do not start playing your character until I have approved it. Please keep a copy of your completed bio form. You will be responsible for placing it under our files on the Yahoo site as well as filling out our database there. If you have a picture of your character, go ahead and send it. You will be responsible for placing that in the respective files as well.

BY THE WAY: Even characters that already exist in the Marvel world will need bio forms. Same with established characters in other comic worlds. Not everyone knows who Nightcrawler, Marrow, Lobo, Dr. Strange, or Spawn, etc. are. Some people are only familiar with certain characters or certain sources, like, the movie, the old cartoon, the new Evolution cartoon, etc. So, for those who are illiterate to the entire Marvel (DC, Image, Valiant, etc.) World, a thorough Bio would be appreciated and pictures to identify with if possible.

Name: {Full name of character}



Place Of Birth: {Country, State, continent...we're not too picky.}

Group: {Danse, MIB, X-Men...etc}

Biotype: {Human, Alien, Magically Altered Human, Mutant, Species, etc.}

Gender: {Male or female}






Distinguishing Marks: {Tatoos, birthmarks, scars, features, etc.}




Extent of Powers:

History: {TRY to be thorough.}




A Quote: {Character's quote...not a stolen one}

Non-Mutant Skills: {If your mutant character were to lose their powers, what would they be good at still?}

Other Stuff: {Anything that does not fit in the above catagory. Your characters tidbits and whatnots would go here if you chose to mention them.}

Okay, after filling this baby out, send it to The Powers That Be and wait for a reply from us. We look forward to seeing your characters.

Important Information