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Basic Wires

These wires that I make, well, suck. They're nothing like the experts do. Well, in spite of this, I'll still show you my way. They're not all that hard to do.

1. As always, open up a new image.

2. Insert a new layer( Layer->New->Layer) and draw a vertical black line down the center.

3. Go to Filter->Distort->Wave and use something similar to these settings:

4. Now you should change the name of this layer to "1". To do this, right click on the layers panel and go to "layer properties".

5. Next, go to make a new layer. You'll want to draw another line. Do this in around the same spot where you drew the first one. Also, you should use a different color then black. I'm using grey.

6. Do the same thing that you did with the black wire, to the grey wire. That means you filter->Distort->wave it. Then you name it "2".

7. Next is a pretty hard part. Hell, even I didn't get it to work out right for this tutorial. You're going to want to transform the wire you just made to "interlock" with the black wire...Do this by selecting the wire and using Edit->Free Transform. This may take a bit of time, so just calm down. This is what I got:

8. Now copy both of the layers and "Bevel and Emboss" all 4 of them with these settings:

9. Sorry to sound so negative, but this part's not all that easy either. First, arrange all the the layers in the order:

Now, with the first one selected, as in the picture, use the eraser tool () and erase where you want the wire to takes practice. This is what I came up with:

As always, please experiment with these things. I'm sure you'll get good in no time.

Well, you've probably already seen this one, but these are some wires I did, just to show you how I incorperated them into a graphic: