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April 5th, 2002 By - Bill

So far I've updated the updates page, and arranged the tutorial page a bit, just to make it a little more organized

We also have a new affiliate. Check it out.


April 4th, 2002 By - Bill

Today I added a new advanced tutorial and also added Mawani's graphics section


April 3rd, 2002 By - Mawani

Hey, This is the new co-webmaster of Crystal Point, Mawani. I will be here helping Bill and showcasing my 1337 graphic making skills (Bill's are far better though). You'll be seeing me around here alot, but until then c-yah.


March 26th, 2002 By - Bill

Today I added another one of my graphics to the image gallery.


February 28th, 2002 By - Bill

So far I added a new image to the image gallery. UPDATE: I added 3 more images.

Hell has frozen over. I added another tutorial.


April 12th, 2002 By - Mawani

Sorry for not updateing in awhile (was listening to Group X too much). I put up a new image in my gallery. So go check it out or i'll hunt you down with my poking stick.

April 13th, 2002 By - Mawani

Put in a new image in my gallery so go check it out or i'll get Pikachu to rape you.