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.:Grid Lines:.

Grid Lines

This is a pretty basic tutorial on how to make grid lines. Although you may think that they ruin a picture, when used right, they can be the missing link you need to make your picture look awesome.


1. Open up a new image 10x10 pixels. Make sure that the "Transparent" is checked, instead of the "White" option. Look at the image below:

The new image should look like this, when enlarged:

2. Now, you get your Rectangular Marquee Tool() and draw a smaller square outline in the image. Then, right click on the image and "select inverse". It should look like the one below:

3. Now, go to the fill button() and choose black for the color and fill in the border.

4. Well, you're just about done now. Go to Edit->Define Pattern and name it "Grid". Now, whenever you want to insert a grid into an image, just go to Edit->Fill...Pattern. Then you choose your grid pattern from the custom pattern box.