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.:Burst Background:.

Burst Background

When making a graphic, it is very important to have a good background to put it on. This tutorial will show you how to do a really easy one.

1. open a new image. As always, I make mine 400x400 pixels

2. Make your foreground color black and your background color white. Go to Filter->Render->Clouds. You're image should look something like this:

3. Now you're going to want to go to Filter->Distort->Pinch. Use a value of 100%.

Do this around 4-7 times. You choose. This is what I got after doing it 6 times:

4. Now, time for the fun part. Go to Filter->Render->Lighting Effects. Here are the options you should try to chose:

The image might look a little something like this:

5. Next, you want to go to Image->Adjust->Hue/Saturation. Depending on what color you want to use, you can just fool around with the settings. I want a really neat blue, so this is what I did:

And this is what I got:

Pretty easy, eh?

You can fool around with a bunch of other things to get different effects. Here's one of the graphics I did with this "Burst Background". Right here