All variable controls; AC Threshold, DC Threshold, Zero, Balance and 240v DC adjustment are non inductive, hot molded and original. The original stepped Daven ‘T’ network input attenuators are standard and give the user 20 steps of 1db per step of attenuation as in the original Fairchild. The lateral / vertical matrexing circuitry has been removed and a Stereo link switch fitted in it's place. Grayhill switches are used throught. All interconnect wiring is Silver strand and insulated with PTFE.


Sowter transformers have been used throught including the critical o/p control transformers. There are 10 transformers excluding 2 internally and 2 inductors. The Bias board is exactly the same as the original and is located behind the lower service panel. All models can be adapted for US and EUK operation and have fitted as standard a switched IEC mains socket at the rear.