Over rated non-inductive wirewound resistors in the audio path have been used for very low noise and total stability over long high temperature periods. Over rated low noise Metal film power resistors are also used for the HT supply, this provides a very stable supply over long periods across a wide range of temperature. Large paper and oil capacitors in the power supply have been used. Musically accurate polypropylene film Hovland capacitors that provide high performance with dramatic clarity throughout the audio path are also fitted as standard. Original wiring turrets for all component mounting have been used throughout.

Silver mica capacitors are also fitted as standard these have also been manufactured using non-magnetic materials, these capacitors traditionally exhibit excellent sonic qualities, and have been used because of their high temperature stability over long periods.
All the components used in the AT-101 represent the latest in passive technology providing outstanding performance that stays rock steady for the life of your equipment, unaffected by time and changes in temperature.