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Terminal Redemption

Terminal Redemption

The year is 2171, in an alternate timeline of Earth's history. During the great nuclear wars, instigated by the Cold War, most of the Earth's surface becamer inhospitable. For almost two century, mankind was forced to live underground, scratching a survival from edible mosses and underground animals. This was the punishment mankind had received for their arrogance. They believed they could control nature,physics, and the world itself.

Yet, somehow, the shattered race was given a second chance. The radioactivity levels of the Earth's surface dramatically fell, and once barren wastelands became fertile farmlands. The remanents of a decimated race, once the most powerful beings alive, were able to return to lost homes. Cities were rebuilt, crops resowed, and their world became what it had been so long ago. Lost technology finally became available again. Their scientific standing was almost a century and half behind what it should be.

To many, it was not surprising that dictatorships rose throughout the remaining humans. The Old States, The Northern Wastelands, and the Appalachia Mountains became a battleground against one such dictatorship: The Blackguard. They were an underground organization of assassins and murderers that ran much of the East Coast of the Old States, and had a hand in most of the world's daily lives. They were a heartless group, ruled by a trio known only as the Triumvirate. Anyone who knew about the Blackguard and didn't work for them ended up dead. This was the way the world lived; in fear of the wrath from above.

Inevitably, their own ranks became dissident. The children of Blackguard, the ones they'd raised from birth, were becoming anxious. Their world was out of their control, and they were the new world. The Triumvirate was running out of options. Paying their workers large sums, they were able to keep them in check. But one group was a little too independant. Another trio, this one of youths, were leading assassins in the guild. Ironically, their title also carried a familiar prefix; they were known among the guild as the Blackhawks. And rightly so, for their wings would carry a heavy burden, when the Triumvirate started to grow anxious at this group's overconfidence. The Blackhawks began to deny the Triumvirate in critical moments, and it was only a matter of time before the Blackhawks would join the assassins' hit list.

With the world's best assassins on their tail, the Blakchawks were to be outlaws, to know no rest until death. Their leader would not hold, however, as time ticked away. With innocent people, old friends, and new enemies caught in their struggle to survive, the outlaws would have to make a decision that could have drastic affects not witnessed on Earth since the Nuclear Wars, and the end of civlization; Revolution.

Terminal Redemption is a radioplay that Maverick Productions is currently devoting all of it's time to. An epic tale of love, suffering, and vengeance, from award-winning producer Allen Ivers, that will not soon be forgotten by any.

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