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Peace Demonstrations around the world


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Peace around the world

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Americans across the nation publicly protested a possible war in Iraq on Saturday.

In Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, California, at the two largest peace rallies, the crowds were urged on by international peace activists, religious leaders, members of Congress, actors and musicians. The group in Washington followed the rally with a march through the streets of the capital. Saturday afternoon, the crowd began marching toward the Washington Navy Yard, a military installation in Southeast Washington. A symbolic "people's inspection team" planned to demand to inspect the area for weapons of mass destruction, mocking U.N. inspections in Iraq. Some marchers wore costumes, and many carried signs with slogans such as "No blood for oil," "Act now, stop war and racism," and "What would Jesus do?"

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Worldwide demonstrations

In Tokyo, Japan, marchers carried banners in English and Japanese expressing opposition to a possible war. Some protesters wore costumes and masks bearing Bush's image.

In Rawalpindi, Pakistan, people -- many of them youths -- joined hands along a street and held signs opposing war.

"Iraq isn't your ranch," proclaimed one placard held by a protester in a small group that braved snow and cold in Moscow. Some protesters waved Palestinian flags.

Palestinian flags were also visible at a rally in Cairo, Egypt, where scores of people gathered in protest of U.S. policies. "Iraq and Palestine one issue" read one banner.

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