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Madness Inc.

Welcome to my own personal FanFiction archive! Here you'll find my own 'work', those of Authors that I love (and given their permission, thank you to you all). Look around, see if you can't find something to your tastes, and if possible mail the authors your reviews!


This site does contain SLASH (Yaoi ect), so if you don't like m/m or f/f, you don't have to read it, just don't go and get offended.
Also, this site has NC-17 rated material which will be marked. If you are underage we ask that you do not read those stories.
You have been fairly warned.

As for the rest, enjoy!

21st October 04:-Wow, 105 hits! I know that's probably really a tiny number, but what the hey, it's triple figues!! *dances* Thanks to the people that have visted. Now that I'm in uni I promise you that I'll update this thing properly. I've even got a new HP story and a few new backgrounds planned, so it should be interesting at least.
Keep reading people!


Lord of the Rings
James Barclay's - The Raven
Good Omens