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Lifeblood Flowing Away

Writing Recources and Fun things (free online spell checking service)
Seventh Sanctum (Generator site, lots of fun. And Bonus, it helps the writers block!)

FanFiction and Archives

FanFiction.Net (Excellent archive for newbies, not so great for vetran fanficcers.) (The site that's been picking up the slack since got rid of it's R and NC-17 stories)
BagEnders (LotR Parody site with story and picture archives. V.good. Five toothbrushes!)
SlashFiction.Net (Another fic archive that's had it's troubles, including posting problems. Watch for this in the future. Two toothbrushes)
FanDomination.Net (Like SFN, confusing but this is a bit better. Three Toothbrushes)

Other Misc Stuff

Pratchett Quote Forum (Just like it says on the tin. Quotes from the books. Three Toothbrushes)