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--------------------------------------- Hello fellow inquisitive one,------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I wellcome you, to what might be your first day of what could very well be the rest of an amazing, fulfilling, extremely interesting, ever advancing in knowledge, new eternal life. I feel that I have to warn you right off, this historic, scientific, and totally researchable data, is probably going to blow your mind. I know it did to me, the first time that I saw the information that I will be showing you. It left me feeling stunned, totally amazed, and in denial and disbelief for, Iím not sure how long. I canít really say how long that I struggled with this. If you are a logical, ďnon religiousĒ person that fears change, you might want to look away, and go to another site. But if you are like me, with an unquenchable thirst for truth, then you had better hold on to your boots, and be ready to let go of all of the other "things" and ideas that the world clings to. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Lord is so gracious, I gained "real" peace, in this turbulant world, + He gave me power, over many things, I'm still discovering all the tools + weapons that He has equipt all of us followers with. And itís free, Jesus prepaid it for it, and everybody just has to claim it. It is like we all have a package at the post office, and we donít even have to go anywhere to pick it up, we just have to make a phone call + it will be delivered. The problem is, we do not have the sufficient ďinformation relay serviceĒ to tell everyone that itís there, and just how awesome a gift that it is.-------------------------------------------------------- That is one of the main reasons that I've started this web page, to do my part, in getting the Word out -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<< STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION >>>

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