The DMI AR-3 Assault Rifle Family

Technical description. The AR-3 is a gas operated, magazine fed, air cooling selective fire rifle. The gas action features a short piston stroke, rotating bolt locking mechanism, and adjustable gas regulator. The gas chamber and piston are located above the barrel, and the piston has the cupped head and its own return spring. The square-shaped bolt carrier is mounted inside the receiver on two guide rods, with each rod carrying its own return spring. Both rods are linked by the special end plates so the whole bolt / bolt carrier / return springs / guide rods assembly can be removed from the rifle as a single unit, which greatly simplifies the field maintenance. The rotating bolt is rotated by the bolt pin, which is engaged in the curved cam track, cut in the bolt carrier. The charging handle is fixed to the right side of the bolt carrier and reciprocates when gun is fired.The receiver is made from stamped sheet steel and consists of two parts - upper and lower. Both halves of the receiver are hinged one to another at the front of the receiver. The upper and lower parts are interlocked by the rear ends of the bolt carrier guide rods. AR-3is field stripped by pressing the guide rods forward by the special lever at the rear of the receiver, then by the folding the lower receiver down and forward.
The controls consist of the trigger, safety - fire mode selector at the left side of the receiver , and the bolt stop. The available fire modes are single shots, 3 round bursts, and full auto. The forearm, the pistol grip and the buttstock are made from black plastic. The sling attachment points are located on the barrel, just ahead of the forearm, and at the butt of the pistol grip, so the sling position is not affected by the position of the foldable buttstock.
The sights consist of the hooded front post and disc aperture flip-up diopter rear sight with settings of 400m, 500m, 600m, 800m , also protected from sides by large "dog ears". All optic scope include a x1 setting for close range combat.
The stock is made of carbon fiber, and is hollow allowing the storage of small items such as spare extractors and firing pins, cleaning kit, lens caps. A telescopic stock that can be adjusted to suit the firer's proportions or allow for extra clothing being worn is available. 2 20 volt batteries are incorporatesd in the stock to power any devices fitted to the weapon, as well as the electronic ignition. The battery has an average lifetime of 200 hours.
The barrel is chrome lined for easier cleaning and resistance to the erosive effects of full automatic fire Barrels can be easily removed should there be a need to change configuration or calibre.
Controls are ambidextrous. The burst selector is incorporated into the trigger mechanism.
The barrel is designed to launch standard rifle grenades without modification. There is provision for fitting a silencer/suppressor. The foregrip have attachment points for a wide variety of available accessories, such as grenade launchers, flame-projectors, shotguns, flashlights, laser pointers and electronic sights.
The installed magazine may be to topped up with chargers. The chargers are reloadab, but cheap enough to be disposable when on active service. These chargers are also capable of loading detached magazines. Magazines are semi-transparent and capable of being clipped together. 50, 75, and 100 round drums are also available for assault and support missions.

The caseless ammunition consists out of a slug embedded in a nitrocellulose compound. The cartridge burns in the rifle completely. The ignition charge is a semi conductor using the battery in the stock to ignite the cartridge directly.

The family of weapons consist of: the AR-3 Assault Rifle, the AR-3a Carbine, the AR-3-HB Heavy Barrel, the AR-3-MK Marksman's Rifle, the AR-3-12 Heavy Assault Rifle, and the AR-3-SG Shotgun
There are a variety of standard accessories available, including the GL-1 Grenade Launcher, the SG-1 Shotgun, and the FT-1 Flame Projector, as well as assorted adjustable furniture and sights.