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What Kind of Tree are you?

The Celtic Tree Year is divided into 13 lunar months. Each month has a tree specific to it. Each Celtic Tree/zodiac sign is related to a letter from the ogham, and associated with a diety, planet, flower and gemstone. So what is your Celtic sign?

Birch tree: December 24 - January 20.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Beth
Planet: The Sun
Gemstone: Rock Crystal
Flower: Daisy
Diety:Taliesin, the bardic-god (Welsh)
and Lugh of the Long arm, the Sun-god (Irish and Gauls.)

The Birch is a graceful tree with a white bole. The white here symbolizes cleanliness and determination. The term "workaholic" fits Birch tree people. If you’re a Birch, then your druidic animal is the White Stag, for positive goals. Your planet is the Sun. You are ambitious, you make a good leader and organizer. Although faithful and loyal, you tend to hide your emotions.

Rowan: January 21 - February 17.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Luis
Planet: Uranus
Gemstone: Peridot
Flower: Snowdrop
Diety: Brigitania (Britian) or Brighid (Ireland)

That tree is known for protecting others against enchantment. It is associated with healing, personal empowerment, and divination; Runes are cut from a Rowan to help druids in divination rituals. If you’re a Rowan, then you are an idealistic, humanitarian and intellectual person. Your thoughts are ahead of your time. You loathe convention; you are artistic and original, and you appear detached and cool. And you're an ardent supporter of free speech and respect of others. Your symbol is the Green Dragon, for inspiration and imagination. The dragon tempers your quarrelsome mood!

Ash : February 18 - March 17.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Nion
Planet: Neptune
Gemstone: Coral
Flower: Wood Anemone
Diety: Lir, the sea-god and Gwydion The Magician.

The Ash tree stands alone; its roots make it difficult for other plants to grow beneath it. It spans the universe, connecting the past, the present and the future. It represents creative power, prosperity, protection and healing. If you’re an Ash, then you are witty, spontaneous, and inquisitive. You make a persuasive speaker and communicator, although you’re moody. Your druidic animal is the Adder, for spiritual energy; it tempers your irritability and nervousness.

Alder: March 18-April 14.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Fearn
Planet: Mars
Gemstone: Ruby
Flower: Broom
Diety: Bran or Arthur

The Alder loves the water. This tree is associated with spirituality, teaching, weather control and mental power. If you’re an Alder, then you’re courageous, determined, affectionate and loyal. Alder people are extremely physical and full of energy. Your druidic animal is the Fox, for diplomacy.

Willow : April 15 - May 12.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Saille
Planet: The Moon
Gemstone: Moonstone
Flower: Primrose
Diety: Morgan le Fay or the Morrigan

The Willow loves water too. Sorry guys, but this tree represents feminine intuition and grace. The Celts held women in high regard. Thus, this tree represents romantic love, healing, fertility and women magick. If you’re a Willow, then you have a good memory; you’re strange, emotional and strong-willed. You are often moody and hesitant. Your animal is the Hare, for adaptation and intuition. People born under this sign touch upon all the mysterious aspects of nature and its association with the moon.

Hawthorn: May 13 - June 9.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Uath
Planet: Vulcan
Gemstone: Topaz
Flower: Wood Sorrel
Diety: Govannan, the smith-god and Olwen the Summer Flower Maiden

The Hawthorn is also female. It represents fertility, peace and prosperity. If you’re a Hawthorn, then you’re creative, charming and confident. Your druidic animal is the Owl, to develop your patience, O hasty One! You are highly spontaneous and extremely sympathetic but you "explode" a bit too often to people's taste!

Oak : June 10 -July 7.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Duir
Planet: Jupiter
Gemstone: Diamond
Flower: Coltsfoot
Diety: Dagda

As mentioned before, the Oak is highly important to Druids. The Oak is the King of the forest, a solid survivor. It symbolizes men magick, faithfulness, integrity and positive energy. If you’re an Oak, then you’re responsible and self-confident. You are a natural leader and are highly optimistic. Your animal is the Wren, the Celtic king of the birds, to temper that pride of yours! Oak tree people are very charismatic, and they're very philosphical, but some people born under this sign can also act irresponsibly and selfishly.

Holly: July 8 - August 4.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Tinne
Planet: Earth
Gemstone: Red Carnelian
Flower: Meadowsweet
Diety: Danu

The Holly is male and is associated with motherhood and the female aspect. If you’re a Holly, then you’re practical, cautious, logical. You prefer being a leader, and yet sometimes you remain an assistant. You are possessive and protective. Your animal is the Unicorn, for purity and strength. Holly tree people have a personal integrity. They are extremely sensitive to personal criticism

Hazel : August 5 - September 1.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Coll
Planet: Mercury
Gemstone: Amethyst
Flower: Vervain
Diety: Ogma and Manannan Mac Lir

The Hazel is related to meditation, wisdom, spirit contact and protection. If you’re a Hazel then you’re artistic, idealistic and radical. Your animal is the Salmon, for wisdom and creativity. Hazel tree people have knowledge of the arts and sciences and make good writers. They are highly perceptive but can become hypercritical and argumentative.

Vine: September 2 - September 29.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Muin
Planet: Venus
Gemstone: Emerald
Flower: Valerian
Diety: Branwen or Guinevere

The Vine is the grape wine. It is associated with pleasure, fertility, inspiration and binding. If you’re a Vine, then you are authoritative and discriminating. You appear aloof but you are a romantic; you can be extra-sensitive, fragile and self-critical. Your ruling animal is the Swan, for beauty and against negativity. People born under this sign tend to be gentle adept at the social arts and the art of love. They create harmony. But they can also lack consideration for peoples' feelings.

Ivy: September 30 - October 27.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Gort
Planet: The Moon veiling Persephone
Gemstone: Opal
Flower: Woody Nightshade
Diety: Arianrhod

The Ivy survives in all weather conditions. It is the enemy of the Vine and is associated with healing, cooperation and exorcism. If you’re an Ivy, then you’re restless, sociable and kind. You are hesitant yet not weak. Your animal is the Butterfly. Ivy people tend to be very loyal to friends, but they can also be very manipulative people.

Reed: October 28 - November 24.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Ngetal
Planet: Pluto
Gemstone: Jasper
Flower: Watermint
Diety: Pwyll, head of Annwn

The Reed is thin and fragile, and is related to love, family matters and fertility. The Reed is a male spirit. If you’re a Reed, then you’re complex, stubborn and fearless. You’re independent but you never compromise.Your animal is the Hound/Dog, for loyalty. Reed people are imaginative and make loyal and powerful friends, but they can be extremely jealous!

Elder:November 25 - December 23.

Celtic Tree Alphabet: Ruis
Planet: Saturn
Gemstone: Jet
Flower: Dandelion
Diety: Pryderi, son of Pwyll

The Elder is linked to the Celtic Circle of birth and rebirth, life and death. It is related to exorcism, banishing and healing. As an Elder, you are self-sufficient, open and spontaneous. You hate routine and you’re full of energy. Your animal is the Raven, for healing and protection. Elder people are self-disciplined and constructive, but they lack a sense of judgement that can lead them into trouble!

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