The Ogham Individually


Oghams(OH-yam) and Their Meanings

The trees listed below were among the trees revered by the ancients and as such were used in divinations by the Druids. They believed that the trees were inhabited by the spirits of their ancestors or had a spirit of their own. The Oak, Thorn, and Ash trees were called the faery triad and it is said that the faeries dwell where the three are seen growing together. Based on their love and respect for the trees, the Druids fashioned their alphabet after them, and it is called the Ogham (owen or oh-yam). They used it for writing, in magickal performances and for divination.

The trees were divided into three classes, by order of importance to the druids. The Chieftains were first. Then the peasants and the shrubs. Two of the symbols are not actually trees but point out the power of the sea and the groves. If you wish to use them for divination, you can make your own. Just paint or engrave them on something made of wood. Then you place them in a bag and draw out three (some draw up to seven). Then toss them on the floor. The closest ones represent the present, next the past and the future. You can also carve these symbols into candles or draw them on things for protection or spellcrafting if you wish.

The celtic people also had a calendar which we call the Celtic Tree calendar fashioned after the trees with each month corresponding to a particular tree. Below you will find information about each tree by month and it's meaning when used in divination.


Beth / Birch

Tree- Birch
Month- November
Color- White
Letter- B
Class- peasant
Animal- Cow, Pheasant
Planet: The Sun
Gemstone: Rock Crystal
Flower: Daisy
Diety: Taliesin, the bardic-god (Welsh)
and Lugh of the Long arm, the Sun-god (Irish and Gauls.)

(Beth:BEH) Beith. Battle of Nature Birth/Death Beith/ Bás/Will. Feminine- Moon of Inception; Moon of Beginnings; The Birch is the first tree, and symbolizes new beginnings, creativity, changes, and purification. This tree is sacred to cerridwen. The white bark of the birch indicates cleanliness and determination in overcoming difficulties. In the days of olde, it was thought that evil dwelled in the body & mind of criminals, so they were birched to drive out the evil, & to renew them for the new year.

The Birch is said to be a symbol of summer ever returning. It is also said that the birch is the mother of the oak tree because in prehistoric times it was the birch that prepared the earth floor for the majestic oak to be born. The Birch is ruled by Venus, and it draws out the beauty in us. The silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) is one of the most common birch trees of Europe. It can grow up to a 100 feet tall. The common birch (B. pubescens Ehrh.) is almost as widespread as the silver birch and it can grow up to 65 feet in height. The Birch is one of the first trees to grow on bare soil and it is said to give birth to the entire forest. Because it was said to be good for new beginnings, often children's cradles were made of Birch. The inner bark makes a great pain reliever. Birch leaves are used to treat arthritis. It also makes a leaf tea that is said to dissolve kidney stones over a time long period.Steep 2 teaspoons of leaf per cup for 20 minutes. The dosage is 1-1½ cups over a day. Birch twigs and leaves can be simmered and added to bath water for itchy skin and falling hair. Taken before bedtime, the tea is sedative.

Physical: This tree provides new beginnings to those who are willing to start fresh and cast off negativity, unhelpful influences and bad thoughts.

Mental: Concentrate on your desire & hold the image of the desired results firmly in your mind.
Spiritual: For new beginnings, turn your focus to the white of the birch. It stands out clearly from distractions and obstructions.


Luis / Rowan

Tree- Rowan
Month- December
Color- Grey and Red
Letter- L
Class- peasant
Animals- Unicorn, bear, duck
Planet: Uranus
Gemstone: Peridot
Flower: Snowdrop
Diety: Brigitania (Britian)or Brighid (Ireland)

(Luis: LWEESH), rowan - Battle of Poetry Quickening/Illness Luis/Luim/Perspective. Masculine - Moon of Vision; Spirit Moon; Astral Travel Moon. The second tree and is useful for breaking evil enchantments. The tree of vision, healing, psychic powers. It is also known as, Wicken-tree, Wild Ash, Witchbane, Witchen, Witch wood and Tree of Life. Rowan is said to have come from the lands of the faery and is also associated with witchcraft. All parts of the tree are considered sacred and it is held dear by the Druids and the Celtic Goddess Brigid.

The rowan, or mountain ash is related to serviceberries. They tend to thrive in poor soils and often colonize disturbed areas. Rowans flower in May and can grow as tall as 50 feet high. They are members of the Rose family (Rosaceae). Runes are carved on this type of tree wood, and Rowan sprays and crosses were placed over homes for protection in the days of olde. The birds feast on its lovely red berries in winter, & if you look at these berries, you will find that they sport a tiny pentagram on them. The pentagram is the ancient symbol of protection. The berries are very high in vitamen C and are used for sore throats and tonsilitis. Take one teaspoon of the fresh berry juice or one quarter cup of tea. The tea is made by simmering one teaspoon of the juice in one cup of water for 20 minutes. The Rowan tree is used for protection and control from enchantment and beguiling. Also used for controlling your own life; Healing; Personal Empowerment; Divination. Wear a tiny cross of rowen wood on your clothing for protection when needed. The leaf and berries are used in incense to increase psychic powers.

Physical: You will focus your senses clearly so as to distinguish good from bad.
Mental: You will not be swayed, tricked or beguiled. Your senses will be in excellent order.
Spiritual:Have no fear. Your strength will turn away any negativity that threatens your purpose and your serenity.


Fearn /Alder

Tree- Alder
Month- January
Color- Crimson
Letter- F,V
Class- Chieftain
Animals- Red fox, ram, stallion, gull
Planet: Mars
Gemstone: Ruby
Flower: Broom
Diety: Bran or Arthur

(Fearn: FAIR-n) Battle of Philosophy Shielding/Fury Fearn/Fearg/ Contention. Masculine -- Moon of Utility; Moon of Efficacy; Moon of Self-Guidance. Fearn, the fourth tree is associated with water and stands for resurrection. The catkin bearing alder resists decay in its watery habitat. The water spirits, the undines, love this tree as well as the unicorn. The buds of the Alder are set in spirals, the symbol of life and re-birth, a balancing tree of Male and Female energy. Alders are members of the Birch family (Betulaceae) and are common along lowland rivers. Like willows, an alder sprouts from a stump & this allows them to regenerate after heavy flooding.

Bran the Blessed is the god associated with the alder. According to legend, he used his body to span dangerous waters and raise his followers above it. Mortally wounded in a battle with the Irish, Bran prophesied the events that would follow soon after his death, then instructed his followers to cut off his head and take it with them. They traveled to Harlech, where the head sang for seven years; then to Gwales, the head remaining uncorrupted and continueing to prophesy. Finally, stopping in London, Caer Llyndain, they buried Bran's head at the White Mount, or Bryn Gwyn, now the site of the Tower of London. It was said that as long as the head remained concealed it would give protection against plague from across the oceans. Bridges were commonly constructed of alder. The Alder suggests protection and the powers of the oracles. They are used for spiritual guidance, protection and help in decision making, teaching, weather magick, duty, and mental prowness.

Physical: Be aware of singularity in yourself and in others. Be sure to acknowledge whatever you see in others if possible.
Mental: You will avail yourself of something you have previously overlooked. The skills of the Oracle are not easily acknowledgeable because the mind is more often than not, either unable or unwilling to deal with the intuitive part of itself.
Spiritual:You will offer spiritual aid and protection in a dispute or disagreement. Do not fear. Just allow your intuition to be your guide.


Saille / Willow

Tree- Willow
Month- February
Color- Bright Colors
Letter- S
Class- peasant
Animals- Hare, cat, hawk
Planet: The Moon
Gemstone: Moonstone
Flower: Primrose
Diety: Morgan le Fay or the Morrigan

Willow: (Saille: SAHL-yuh) Battle of Divination Support/Denial Súil/Séanadh/Resistance. Feminine-- The Witches' Moon; Moon of Balance. The willow is sacred to the triple Goddess, especially Cailleach the old Crone aspect; she represents the dark side and wisdom. The Willow in the Tree alphabet stands for the female and lunar rhythms of life. Water and tidal movements of the sea are governed by the pull of the moon. The moon in its monthly rhythms is female, contrasting with the male sun's daily and yearly turnings. In many ways, the Celtic people held women in higher esteem than we do today. In the olde days, the celtic women were allowed to be property owners unlike women in other nations, and whoever controlled the property controlled the marriage. They were also allowed to keep their last names after marriage, depending upon the importance of the family name.

Today, both North America and Europe are home to a large number of the willow species. Two common tree willows are the white willow & the crack willow. The willow is another tree that loves water & the bark also contains a pain reliever called Salicin which is used in the treatment of rheumatic fever, arthritis, headaches, diarrhea, dysentery, fevers, edema, and ovarian pain. Salicin is the active constituent from which aspirin was first synthesized. To make the tea, steep 3 teaspoons of bark in one cup of cold water for 2-5 hours, then boil for one minute, and strain. It is also available as a powder. The powder dose is one teaspoon, 3 times a day in tea or capsules. The tincture can be taken in 10-20 drop doses four times a day. The Willow governs the cycles, rhythms, the ebb, and the flux. Magickal Associations: Romantic love, healing, protection, fertility, magick for women, and gaining balance. It is said that the willow tree has a healing aura that blesses all that it touches.

Physical:The material world is full of lessons and cycles of ever changing values. Change is necessary for growth, and values are no exception.
Mental: To gain understanding of something, a continued accumulation of knowledge is the foundation that brings it about. You can not take everything into yourself in a single lesson. Repetition is your key to greater knowledge & understanding.
Spiritual: Time to take it easy & relax. Learn to play with the cyclical nature of things.


Nuin / Ash

Tree- Ash
Month- March
Color- Green
Letter- N
Class- Chieftain
Animal- Snake, snipe
Planet: Neptune
Gemstone: Coral
Flower: Wood Anemone
Diety: Lir, the sea-god and Gwydion The Magician.

Ash: (Nion: NEE-uhn) Nuin. Battle of Draiocht Prosperity/Harm Nua/Nuin/Hardihood. Feminine -- Moon of Waters . The fifth tree and its latin name is fraxinus meaning firelight. The Ash is also known as the Cosmic Ash, or World Tree. It is said to be an ancestor of humankind. In Greece powerful families were believed to have come from ash trees. In Celtic cosmology, it is said to connect the three circles of existence - Abred, Gwynedd and Ceugant - which can be variously interpreted as past, present and future, or as confusion, balance and creative force; there being no hell, but only continual rebirth as passage is made from circle to circle until the Land of the Blessed is finally reached.

The common ash is a major tree of the lowland forests in much of Europe & is considered an important timber tree. It is the traditional material for the handle of a besom & a popular wood for making wands.The Ash tree has the toughest, most elastic wood & is used in weaver's beams. The women would weave cloth and intermingling threads together in a tight pattern as the microcosm and the macrocosm are united. The bark of the ash can be used as a substitute for quinine in intermittent fevers. Simmer 2 Tablespoons of bark for 20 minutes in one cup of water. Take a quarter cup four times daily. The leaves have a laxative effect. Steep 2 Tablespoons of the leaf in one cup of water for 20 minutes & take a quarter cup daily. The Ash tree symbolizes the linking of the inner and outer worlds. You may feel locked in or bound but this aids in realizing that all things are connected. Magickal Associations: Prosperity, protection, healing. Healing wands and protective staffs are made of ash. If you bury a newborn's nail trimmings beneath an ash tree, it is said to ensure that he or she will grow up to be a good singer.

Physical: You and the world are interconnected & your actions echo continually, infinitely in the cosmos, so stay aware of the effects of your actions.
Mental:Your problems or questions do not solely belong to you. Many others have these same qualms & musings, so try & look at the question in a broader sense and ask opinions of others.
Spiritual: Try your best to realize & understand that all things are connected. Balance your needs with the Earth's.


Huatha / Hawthorn

Tree- Hawthorn
Month- April
Color- Purple
Letter- H
Class- peasant
Animals- Goat, dragon, nightcrow
Planet: Vulcan
Gemstone: Topaz
Flower: Wood Sorrel
Diety: Govannan, the smith-god and Olwen the Summer Flower Maiden

(Huath:HOO-ah) Uaithe. Prosperity of Nature Earth/Fear hÚath/Opportunity. Masculine -- Moon of Restraint; Moon of Hindrance; Summer Moon. The sixth tree and sacred to Maia, the goddess of love and death. The Hawthorn is also known as the Whitehorn or May Tree. Fairy folk or, Sidhe, live in the Hawthorn. This is the most sacred tree to the fairies probably because it is so wild, uncompromising and fragrant. It is said that if you sit under the thorn tree on May Eve, Samhain Eve and Midsummer Eve, you can commune with the fairies. It is a great cleanser and opens your heart to love. Beware: it is unlucky to bring it into the house, wear it outside.

The Hawthorns have many species in Europe, and are not always easy to tell apart, although all are thorny shrubs in the Rose family (Rosaceae), and most have white or pink flowers. The wood from a Hawthorn can build the hottest fire known to mine. Its leaves and blossoms can be made into a tea that can aid with anxiety, appetite loss and poor circulation. The berry is a superior heart tonic, useful for almost any heart condition. It also benefits cholesterol problems, vascular diseases, digestion, high blood pressure, nerves and insomnia. The berries are simmered or tinctured. Simmer 2 teaspoons of berries per cup of water for twenty minutes. The dose is a quarter cup four times per day. To prepare a tincture, see Preparing Herbs. Take 10-20 drops 4 times daily. The flowers are taken as tea to benefit the heart. Steep 2 teaspoons of flowers per cup of water for 20 minutes. The dose is a quarter cup four times a day.

Used to decorate the Maypole, it is a sign of fertility, and is also present at many weddings. The Hawthorn symbolizes protection, cleansing, and chastity. It also symbolizes something that is holding you back. Something you might need to work on. It is also associated with sexuality and destruction.

Physical: You need to work on your physical condition & need to alter diet, smoking or eating habits. A healthy body can be achieved through proper diet and exercise. A healthy body equals a healthy mind.
Mental: You must open your mind to the self-imposed ideas of ignorance and false facts that you hold within yourself, so as to free your thoughts and cleanse your mind.
Spiritual: No matter how heated or difficult the problem, you can overcome it & your spirit will create new and unexpected strengths.


Duir / Oak

Tree- Oak
Month- May
Color- Black and Dark Brown
Letter- D
Class- Chieftain
Animals- White horse, lion, salamander, wren
Planet: Jupiter
Gemstone: Diamond
Flower: Coltsfoot
Diety: Dagda

Oak:(Duir:DOO-r)An Duir. Prosperity of Poetry Abundance/Hardness Duir/Honor. Masculine-- Moon of Strength; Moon of Security; Bear Moon. The seventh tree and it represents power. The tree of truth. It is ancient and wise and has an old spirit. The mistletoe of the oak tree has many magickal properties. It is also a marriage tree and is symbolic of the marriage between the god and the goddess. If you dance around the oak tree and wear some of its leaves you will have a long and happy marriage. The word Duir, used for oak, comes from the Sanskrit "Dwr" meaning "door", and is the door to the three worlds of the Shaman. Ancient religious ceremonies were held beneath the Oaks. At "Winter Solstice", after extinguishing all the fires, the Druids relit the new seasons' fires using oakwood. The Celtic people would gather together to light their fires from this source. The Goddess Brighid is associated with this tree.

The oak of myth and legend is the common oak & is sometimes called the great oak, which is a translation of its Latin name ('robur' is the root of the English word "robust"). It grows in the lowland forests, and often reaches a height of 150 feet and an age of 800 years. Common oaks lose their leaves before Samhain and grow new ones in the spring. Their leaves are full again by Beltane. The grand Oak, King of the Forest has wood that is hard and tough and burns very slowly. Its roots can grow as deep as the tree is tall. It is the tree of acorns.

The bark and leaf are often used medicinally. Used for hemorrhoids, leukorrhea, menstrual irregularities, and bloody urine. To shrink varicose veins, take as a tea and also apply as a fomentation. Use the inner bark and young leaf. For bark: use 1 Tablespoon per cup and simmer 20 minutes. For the leaf: Use 2 teaspoons per cup and steep 20 minutes. The tea can also bring down fevers, treat diarrhea, and makes a good wash for sores. Up to 3 cups daily may be taken safely. Use as a gargle for mouth sores and sore throats. It is astringent and can stop internal bleeding. Black oak and red oak can be used externally. English oak can be used externally and internally. Simmer the bark in salves to make a remedy for hemorrhoids.

Magickal Associations: All positive purposes, magick for men, fidelity. Tree of endurance and triumph. This tree symbolizes protection and security. It is considered a doorway to mysteries and strengths. Acorns are planted during the dark of the moon for prosperity and are also used for fertility and to ward off pain. A cross made of four twigs, bound with red thread is used to ward off evil.

Physical: A hands-on approach will aid growth in the skills you wish for. But to achieve this, you must step through that doorway once it is open to you, One learns by doing.
Mental:Your hoard of acorns (equals wisdom) is well & truly wondrous. It is time for you to let them fall and share your wisdom.
Spiritual:We each spend our lives as both teacher &r student. This being so, you must be tough and resilient, despite life's unpredictability. The Oak stands tall to the bolt of lightening. It is strong and wise.


Tinne / Holly

Tree- Holly
Month- June
Color- Dark Gray
Letter- T
Class- peasant
Animal- War horse, starling
Planet: Earth
Gemstone: Red Carnelian
Flower: Meadowsweet
Diety: Danu

Holly: (Tinne: CHIN-yuh) Prosperity of Philosophy Strength/Violence Teine/Tinne/Principles. Feminine-- Moon of Encirclement; Moon of Polarity. The eighth tree. Symbol of the life force, vitality and immortality. It also symbolizes paternity and fatherhood. It is considered a lucky tree to grow in the garden because it wards off negative energies. The male holly tree (the prickly one) and the female holly tree(the smooth variegated one) are said to be inhabited by the holly man and the holly woman. Holly was said to guard against Lightning and Demons. It is also said, that is unlucky to cut it down, bury, or, burn the green wood. An old Irish tradition tells us that you should never plant a Holly tree near your house because the female children will never marry if you do.

The holly is a shrub that grows up to 35 feet tall in the open woodlands and along clearings in the forests. Hollies are evergreen, and stand out in winter among the bare branches of all the other forest trees surrounding them. They form red berries before Samhain which generally last until after Imbolc when the birds are finished with them. It is one of the three timbers used in the construction of chariot wheel shafts. It was used in constructing spear shafts as well & so the spear shaft has qualities of balance and directness. Just as the spear must be hefted up to be hurtled, the holly symbolizes directed balance and the vigor to fight for justice. It gives you energy and guidance for what may come.

Magickal Associations: Protection, prophecy, magick for animals, sex magick. Strew it around as protection against unwanted animals and spirits. Sprinkle newborns with Holly Water to keep them happy and protected. (Holly water is made by soaking holly in water under a full moon if possible, overnight.) Bringing holly into your home symbolizes your willingness to allow the nature spirits to share your life and your home during the cold seasons.

Medicinally, the leaf is dried and used as a tea for fevers, bronchitis, bladder problems and gout. Steep a half ounce of the chopped up leaf in boiled water for 20 minutes. Use up to one cup daily. CAUTION: Holly Berries are POISON!!

Physical: Challenges will be overcome with unity and a harmonious effort. Just be sure that the cause is just.
Mental:A warriors must train and practice what he learns over & over until his skill is instinctive & you too must train and practice. The need to learn daily is a must for a warrior such as yourself.

Spiritual:You must cultivate your intuition until it is instinctive & then you will be able to respond to fast moving situations, and accept reality in the here and now. Like a chameleon, you must accrue the ability of slipping in and out of multiple behaviour patterns. You must be able to respond to the situation & environment at hand.


Coll / Hazel

Tree- Hazel
Month- July
Color- Brown
Letter- C, K
Class- Chieftain
Animal- Salmon, Crane
Planet: Mercury
Gemstone: Amethyst
Flower: Vervain
Diety: Ogma and Manannan Mac Lir

Hazel:(Coll: CULL) Coll. Prosperity of Divination Creation/Destruction Coll/Coill/Wonder. Feminine Moon of the Wise; Crone Moon. The ninth tree and the tree of widom and immortality. An ancient Celtic Tree of wisdom, inspiration and poetry. The tree of wishes, said to give you your hearts desire if wished upon. It is associated with the Celtic goddess of the stars, Arianrhad, whose image was seen in the stars of the constellation we now know as the constellation of the Corona Borealis.

The hazel tree is where we get hazelnuts. The wood of this shrub has been utilized since the days of olde for wand making. It can grow up to 20 feet tall, & inhabits the open woodlands, scrubs, hedgerows, and the edges of the forests. In legends, the Sacred Salmon is associated with the Hazel tree . According to Celtic lore, Fintan 'the White Ancient' was able to take the form of animals, one of which was the salmon. It is said that the Salmon, while swimming under the overhanging Hazel trees, ate the 9 nuts of poetic wisdom that fell down from them. He absorbed their inspiration. The number of spots on the side of a Salmon denotes the number of nuts eaten. The Hazel tree was a source of shade from the heat and was used in basketmaking. The twigs were used for divining because of their pliancy and affinity with water. The Hazel is also strongly associated with meditation and mediation.

Magickal Associations: Manifestation, spirit contact, protection, fertility. Hazel symbolizes intuition, poetry, meditation, and divination. Creative energy for work or projects.

Medicinally, the hazel nuts are rich in phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and copper. Some sources say that hazelnuts with mead or honey will cure a chronic cough. These are made into an electuary. Grind the nuts in a blender, then add mead or honey to form a paste. Eat several times daily by the Tablespoon. Add pepper to discharge any phlegm.

Physical: You are skilled in poetry, divination and meditation & this will allow you to inspire others as well to increase their capacity in these areas. Teach them by example; itis the best teacher.
Mental: Allow your intuition to bring ideas to the surface & then become a catalyst with those ideas.
Spiritual:Go with your intuition all the way to the source & you will be rewarded with great wisdom. Your soul will sing with poetry.


Quert / Apple

Tree- Apple
Month- None
Color- Green
Letter- Q
Class- shrub
Animal- Unicorn, hen

Apple: (Quert:KWAIRT) Prosperity of Draiocht Melody/Discord Ceol/ Ceasna/Harmony. The tenth tree. To grow an apple tree in the garden is a happy omen. The druids believe that apple trees grow in the Celtic paradise. The day of the apple tree is Friday and it`s star is Venus. It is said that the apple tree man dwells in the middle of the apple trees. He is the guardian of their fertility and the fairy protector of the spirit of the goddess.

The uncultivated, or, Crab Apple, once had thorns, and commonly grew in Oak groves. The Druids hold it in high regard as a sacred magical fruit. The ogham tree was in all probability the European crabapple tree. Its fruits are small versions of the domestic apple, and also show the pentacle when cut in half (crosswise). The Apple is the earliest cultivated tree. It's association is with choices. Many times choices must be made between similar and equally attractive alternatives. Apple symbolizes choice.

Physical: Making choices, while not easy, is frequently necessary. It is time to stop procrastinating or you just may end up with nothing at all. It could be an unsatisfying choice as well.
Mental: Many paths are open to you right now, so make your choices! Better master of one thing is much better than being expert of none.
Spiritual: In your journey choose one of the Eight Paths to complete & the others will follow.


Muin / Vine

Tree- Vine
Month- August
Color- Variety
Letter- M
Class- Chieftain
Animal- Lizard, titmouse
Planet: Venus
Gemstone: Emerald
Flower: Valerian
Diety: Branwen or Guinevere

Vine: (Muin: MUHN) The Music of Nature Trust/Trickery Muiníl/Muin/Law Androgynous Moon of Celebration-- (Property dependent on the type of vine: Blackberry - Prosperity; Protection; Sacred to Brid/ Blueberry - Spirituality; Dream Magick/ Grape - Fertility; Inspiration; Prosperity; Binding/ Thistle - Courage; Protection; Strength) The grape vine grows as long as 115 feet in open woodlands and along the edges of forests, but most is commonly seen today in cultivation. Its distinctive fruit and foliage appear on Bronze Age artifacts. The grapes of the Vine are the source of wine. The effects of wine loosens inhibitions and allows one to speak more truthfully than normal. The Vine symbolizes the release of prophetic powers and inner developement.Be sure to take time to relax.

Physical: Relax & let intuition be your guide.
Mental: Open your senses so as to speed up your inner development. You must learn to trust in them when they are of an intense nature. Don't just ignore it as usual.
Spiritual: Open your inner being, so that it can harvest and gather all signs and portents that it is capable of understanding.


Gort / Ivy

Tree- Ivy
Month- September
Color- Sky Blue
Letter- G
Class- Chieftain
Animal- Boar, mute swan
Planet: The Moon veiling Persephone
Gemstone: Opal
Flower: Woody Nightshade
Diety: Arianrhod

Ivy: (Gort: GORT) Masculine -- Moon of Buoyancy; Moon of Resilience. The Music of Poetry Cultivation/Hunger Gort/Gorta/Knowledge Ivy is also a vine that grows up to 100 feet long in beech woods and around human habitations, where it is widely planted as a ground cover. Like holly, ivy is evergreen, & is capable of growing and spreading in any land climate conditions. It is difficult to destroy.

Medicinally it is used in salves for sunburn. Use the tender twigs to make the salve. (See Herb Preparation)It can also be used as a poultice to heal nerves, sinews, ulcers, enlarged glands, boils, and abcesses. See Preparation for poultices.

Growing in a helix pattern it represents the spiral of the self and the search for the self. Ivy symbolizes the soul's wandering inward and outward as it seeks enlightenment and the search for the self. Take care not to choose unwisely. Useful in healing, protection, cooperation, and exorcisms. Magickal Associations: Healing, protection, cooperation, exorcism. Use in charms to bind love, luck and fidelity to you. It was once used to crown poets and in weddings to crown the bride and groom. A wreath can be woven from ivy for love and fidelity dyring a wedding.

Physical: This is no time to be alone. Visit with others.
Mental: Recognize that group unconsciously has an influence on you. Absorb & go inside your deepest inner being to learn more about your inner & outer nature.
Spiritual: Enter group associations happily & assist others in their spiritual journeys, as they assist in yours. We all are intertwined as the leaves of the Ivy; their success is yours and vice versa.


Ngetal / Reed

Tree- Reed
Month- October
Color- Green
Letter- NG
Class- shrub
Animals- Dog, stag, rat, goose
Planet: Pluto
Gemstone: Jasper
Flower: Watermint
Diety: Pwyll, head of Annwn

(Reed: Ngetal: NYEH-tl) The Music of Philosophy Beauty/Blemish Ngetal/Modesty. Feminine -- Moon of the Home; Hearth Moon; Winter Moon; Moon which Manifests Truth. The reed of the Ogham is the common reed. This is a giant grass, with stems as high as 12 feet. It grows in marshy areas, where it often forms dense clumps at the river's side. The Reed resembles an arrow in its thinness. It was used long ago to make arrows & is symbolic of music, bagpipes and flutes. In the winter the villagers rethatched their roofs with reeds for protection against the coming cold.

Medicinally, unknown.

The Reed symbolizes direct action, finding direction and meanings as to the purpose of your journey. It also symbolizes upsets or surprises; Fertility; Protection; Love; Family Concerns.

Physical: You find order where others find only chaos & often create it as well. This is a valuable skill, so be sure & make it work to its best advantage for you. Take charge of things now.
Mental: Your results are as certain as you in your intentions & you are definitely certain of them. Keep your target sighted in & allow no distractions.
Spiritual: Your journey has begun. Surprise encounters and upsets are only to be expected, but you have the skills necessary to overcome these things. These skills are as valuable to you as is your journey. Use them well.


Straif / Blackthorn

Tree- Blackthorn
Month- None
Color- Purple
Letter- SS, Z, ST
Class- Chieftain
Animals- Wolf, toad, black cat, thrush

(Straif: STRAHF) Straif. The Music of Divination Warriorship/Punishment Straif/Clarity. The eleventh tree. The Irish word, Straif, is kin to the English word Strife, and is about Conflict. In the Ogham , Straif is about learning not to fight against fate. The blackthorn is a relative of the cherry and plum family, and is the source of the sloe fruit. The fruit has been used for centuries in making a potent alcohol, that was drunk during Pagan rituals of olde. Blackthorn is a winter tree, while the sloes fruit ripens and sweetens only after the first nip of frost. White flowers are seen even before the leaves in the spring. It has black bark with vicious thorns, and grows in dense thickets. The wood is used in the cudgel shillelagh and Blasting Stick.

Its thorns are used for piercings of waxen images. The Blackthorn symbolizes the strong actions of fate or the external influences that must be obeyed. It can also mean a sign of resentment or confusion. Perhaps you or someone else is refusing to acknowledge the truth of a situation.

Physical: Unexpected change, plans altered or ruined. This gives you no choices whatsoever & events take over, forcing you down an unavoidable path. Have courage. These issues must be faced & the decisions are unavoidable.
Mental: Your negativity in viewpoint & clinging to old ways is in need of changing. Facing challenges with anger and obstinancy will only make things much worse and hurt you in the long run. Accept these changes and move forward. Get on with your life. You can not alter the inevitable.
Spiritual: You must understand & accept that your life has changed radically as have you. Don't fight it. Become reborn.


Ruis / Elder

Tree- Elder
Month- Makeup days of the thirteenth month
Color- Red
Letter- R
Class- shrub
Animal- Badger, rook
Planet: Saturn
Gemstone: Jet
Flower: Dandelion
Diety: Pryderi, son of Pwyll

Elder: (RuisRWEESH) Ruis.The Music of Draiocht Order/Disorder Ruis/Balance. (Note: One source says feminine and one says masculine.)Feminine-- Moon of Completeness. The thirteenth tree. The Queen of trees, teaches us to honour the cycle of Death and Re-birth. It is magickal, healing and fragrant. The Elder easily regrows damaged branches, and its Ogham is about recovery. The common elder is a shrub that can grow up to 30 feet in damp clearings, along the edge of woods. Elders are grown for their blackish berries, which are used for preserves and winemaking. The leaves have the shape of a crescent moon on them. The Elder can easily regrow damaged branches and takes root rapidly from any part. A tea that purifies the blood can be made from the flowers, and a wine made from the fruit. The Elder symbolizes the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end. Life in Death and Death in Life or the end of a current problem. Useful in Exorcism; Prosperity; Banishing; Healing

Physical: Though one aspect of your life is over, another just begins.
Mental: Changes bring creativity,& draw in new ideas and thoughts.
Spiritual: The new phases of your life experience repeated patterns in different forms that lead to renewal & rebirth. Possibly the end of a current problem.


Ailim / Silver Fir

Month- none
Color- light blue
Letter- A
Class- shrub
Animal- piebald, lapwing

Silver Fir:(Ailm: AHL-m) Knowledge of Nature Science/Ignorance Ailm/Teachings The silver fir is one of the tallest trees native to Europe, sometimes exceeding 160 feet tall. It is named for its silver gray bark. It is also known as the Yule tree & has fir cones that respond to rain by closing and the sun by opening. Being so tall, the Fir can see over great distance to the far horizon beyond and below. Fir symbolizes the higher views and longer sights with a clear vision of what is beyond and still to come. It symbolizes learning from past mistakes and taking care in your future choices.

Physical: You can now see what is beyond you and what is still to come. You also have the perception and understanding from the point where you stand. Take a good long look and you foresee the future.
Mental: You receive from past and present strengths. You use sight in healing from which to draw insight and knowledge for your future.
Spiritual: View your progress on your spiritual voyage with care & an eye of discernment.


Ohn / Furze

Tree- Furze
Month- None
Color- Yellow Gold
Letter- O
Class- Chieftain
Animal- Rabbit, cormorant

Furze: (Onn: UHN) Knowledge of Poetry Wisdom/Foolishness Ohn/Eloquence. Furze, or gorse is a thorny shrub that can grow up to six feet tall. It grows in heaths, moors, pastures, and open woodlands & produces bright yellow flowers around the time of the spring equinox, which were very popular in pagan fertility rites. It blooms throughout the year with the flowers plentiful in pollen and nectar & smells of honey. The flowers are visited by the first bees of the season & the bruised shoots provide food for the horses. In the spring, Furze is set afire to burn away the old growth & make room for the new. Furze symbolizes a gathering together, & a skill at collecting elements needed for a goal. Also signifies information that could change your life.

Physical: Your search is over. You will find what you are seeking. Continue towards your goal.
Mental: Share your knowledge, as the bee shares pollen and nectar gathered from the Furze.
Spiritual: There is an abundance of blessings in your spiritual voyage, so do not hoard them all to yourself. Share with others, you will be rewarded.


Ur / Heather

Tree- Heather, Mistletoe
Month- None
Color- Purple
Letter- U
Class- Heather is peasant, Mistletoe is Chieftain

Animals- Bee, lion, skylark

Heather: (Ura:OO-rah) Knowledge of Philosophy Germination/Decay Ur/Reflection. Heather is a shrub that grows up to six feet in height. It is a major component of the vegetation type called "heath", the source of the term "heathen". It is evergreen, and produces bell-shaped pink flowers in late summer. Heather grows on top of peat moss, which provides fuel after being cut and dried. Heather blossoms are used in brewing tea. They also attract bees and are a valuable source of honey considered unsurpassed in flavor. The bee travels from the heather back to the hive depending upon the position and angle of the sun. It is regarded as a messenger from and to the Spirit world by the Celts. Heather symbolizes closer contact with the Spirit world and healing.

Physical: Listen to your body. It is trying to tell you that the time for healing is now.
Mental: Do not permit yourself further stress. Go into your inner being for healing and respite. Other issues can wait.
Spiritual: You must entwine your inner soul with your outer self to heal and become whole one again. You must begin to build a foundation for what will follow.


Eadha / White Poplar

Tree- White Poplar or Aspen
Month- None
Color- Silver, White
Letter- E
Class- shrub
Animal- White mare, whistling swan

Aspen: (Eadha: EH-yuh) Knowledge of Divination Counseling/Depression Edad/Judgment. The aspen grows to 65 feet along rivers. It sprouts from the base and may form clumps or thickets. Also called the White Poplar, this tree flourishes beside rivers, in marshes and in other watery areas. The pith is star shaped. Its wood was used in making of shields. The leaves move with every little breath of wind. It is commonly referred to as the talking, whispering and quivering tree. The Poplar's ability to resist and to shield, its association with speech, language and the Winds symbolizes the ability to endure and conquer.It signifies problems, doubts, and fears.

Physical: You will endure and conquer this challenge that you now face with spirited determination. Like the poplar, you can & will bend instead of breaking.
Mental: Turn your thoughts from the fears and doubts that plague you. You will overcome with a positive attitude.
Spiritual: Refuse to give in to worldly pressures. Great assistance is headed your way & will accompany you on your journey to rebirth.


Ioho / Yew

Tree- Yew
Month- None
Color- Dark Green
Letter- I, J, Y
Class- Chieftain
Animal- Spider, eaglet

Yew: (Idho: EE-yoh) or ( iodho:EE-woh) Ioho. Knowledge of Draiocht Rebirth/Death Idad/Mastery. The twelfth tree. The Samhain tree, the Yew, celebrates the end of life and new beginnings. In ancient times, the leaders were buried under Yew trees, and the Clan could ask the Yew to reveal the Knowledge of their departed leader for the good of the Clan. The yew is a slow-growing conifer, living as long as 1000 years and reaching 65 feet tall. It is known for its strength and resistance to cold. It is much less common in recent times because of over harvesting. Its hard, springy wood was used to shape the English longbows. It is another evergreen tree with the leaves attached spirally to the twigs. As the outer tree decays a new tree grows within. The branches grow down to form new stems. Yew timber is dark and very strong. Yew berries were used to poison weapons while wine barrels were constructed of Yew to symbolize the death of the Vine. The Yew symbolizes rebirth or a total change in life or attitude.

Physical: You have held onto something for many years now & it is time to pass it on. You must let go. This no longer serves you.
Mental: Remember that nothing lasts forever. This concept will bring you ease.
Spiritual: You will be experiencing change now & you need to accept it. You tend to try and hang on, but you must let go and experience the change as an ally not an enemy.


Koad / Grove

Tree- Grove
Month- None
Color- Green
Letter- CH, KH, EA
Class- none
Animal- Squirrel

Grove: (Koad) Mastery of Nature Ebad/"Eve" One Centering. Certain groves of trees have always been revered. Their branches never pruned or loped, it is assumed these are the remnants of Druidic Groves. These groves contained various types of trees, among them the Oak, and were seen growing by a stream most often. It is here that the Druids held their meetings in the face of the Sun and in the eye of Light. Grievances were heard and judgements rendered that would settle issues. The Grove symbolizes all knowledge, past, present and future. Wisdom gained by seeing past the illusions.

Physical: You may be caught up in a resolution of conflict.
Mental: Misunderstandings & disagreements can be ironed out if all parties will work together.
Spiritual: Hold the energy of judgement, of life aligned to the values that are above reproach. Teach by example


Oir / Spindle

Month- None
Color- White
Letter- TH, OI
Class- peasant

Spindle: (Oir)Mastery of Poetry Oir/"Gold" Two Primacy The hard wood of the Spindle was used in the making of pegs, bobbins and spindles. It is a small tree with smooth grey bark and tiny white flowers. The Spindle symbolizes honour of tribe, community and delight in a sudden revelation. It signifies movving forward, but first having tasks and obligations to attend to before this can happen.

Physical: You must fulfil your obligations, not for reward but because honour demands it and then the greatest happiness will attained.
Mental: Sudden realization gives you the right and obligation to question authority.
Spiritual: Turn your inner consciousness to the growth & developement of the right relationship with others in the community and tribe.


Uilleand / Honeysuckle

Tree- Honeysuckle
Month- None
Color- Yellow- White
Letter- P, PE, UI
Class- peasant
Animal- Mouse

Honeysuckle: (Uilleand)Mastery of Nature Ebad/"Eve" One Centering Honeysuckle is also known as Woodbine & weaves in & out as the Ivy does. Beautiful yellow flowers entwine with the leaves. Its scent is cloying and sweet. The Honeysuckle shows the way in which to achieve the search for the self. Honeysuckle symbolizes your hidden desires, your secrets and the path to the search for the self. Proceed with caution in your undertakings.

Physical: Pursue your desires, allow yourself to experience pleasure. We learn through joy, not by abstinence.
Mental: The hidden secrets you pursue are not as impregnable as you might think. They are simply dulled by background noises. Do away with distractions & then you can home in on your secrets.
Spiritual: Remain true to your beliefs and principles in your journey to the self. Follow the Honeysuckle in safety and joy.


Pion / Pine

Tree- Pine
Animal- Cat

Pine: (Pion) Mastery of Philosophy Ifin Three Truth Iobair "Sacrifice". The tree of the sun. Its old title was "the sweetest of woods". The pine was also sacred to the sea-god Neptune (Poseidon) and to Bacchus (Dionysus). The Pine tree is an evergreen. Its needles are a valuable source of vitamin C and it can loosen a tight chest. The scent of Pine is useful in the alleviation of guilt while Bach's flower remedies lists it for dealing with guilt. Pine indicates your issues of guilt.

Physical: Use that guilt & clear the air with those you have hurt. Renew the relationship.
Mental: Creativity can also be released as you release the guilt. Let it go and transform the energy from guilt into positive action.
Spiritual: Use your guilt to bring about essential changes needed within yourself. Transform the guilt and yourself as well.


Phagos / Beech

Tree- Beech
Month- None
Color- Orange- Brown
Letter- PH, IO
Class- Chieftain
Animal- Deer

Beech: (Phagos) Mastery of Philosophy Ifin Three Truth Iobair "Sacrifice". Beech wood is closely grained & very easy to work with, creating a smooth, even surface. At one time Beech tablets were used to writing on because of this. Beech and book come from the same word origins. Beech deals with ancient knowledge as revealed in old objects, places and writings. The Beech symbolizes guidance from the past used to gain insight which protects and provides a solid base upon which all rely. Signifies new information and experiences coming to you.

Physical: Reviving old memories will bring about much needed understanding. Do not neglect the past. It is rich in experience.
Mental: Heed the echoes within your mind. They hold the wisdom to make the necessary changes .
Spiritual: Do not discount the past as old fashioned. Experiences gained come with a price. Remember to respect and listen to the inner voices and you can not go wrong.


Mor / The Sea

Tree- none
Month- None
Color- Blue-Green
Letter- AE, X, XI
Class- none
Meaning- Travel

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