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Month Algonquin/ colonial English/ medieval neo-Pagan Other
JanOldWolf Ice Moon After Yule
Feb Hunger Storm Snow
Mar Crust Chaste Death Sap; Crow; Lenten
Apr Pink Seed Awakening Grass; Egg
May Flower HareGrass Planting; Milk
Jun Rose Dyan Planting Strawberry; Flower
Jul Buck Mead Rose Hay; Thunder
Aug Sturgeon Corn Lightening Grain; Dog Days
Sep Harvest Barley Harvest Fruit
Oct Hunter's Blood Blood
Nov Beaver Snow Tree Frosty
DecColdOakLong Night Moon Before Yule

January Moon This moon is also known as Ice Moon, Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, and Cold Moon. This moon was said to warn hunters of falling ice from the trees. This is a time for introspection. Save your energy, stop worrying about others and concentrate on yourself. The zodiac association is Capricorn.

February Moon is also known as Ice Moon, Storm Moon, and Hunger Moon. At this time of the year, the waters of the earth are beginning to flow once again. This is still the time of blizzards, and being snowed in. The time of growth and looking ahead towards the future. An excellent time for setting goals. The zodiac association is Aquarius.

March Moon is also known as Oak Moon, Storm Moon, Seed Moon and Maple Moon. The Oak moon was named for the tree god or king and at one time was considered to be the wood from which people were first created. Now is the time to be realistic when making life decisions. The zodiac association is Pisces.

April Moon is also known as Chaste Moon, Growing Moon, Hare Moon, Maiden Moon, and Planting Moon. This was the time of year when the days began getting longer. The men could hunt longer in the evenings again. This has been associated with the return of the Maiden. It is time to look at your life and restore its' balance. The zodiac association is Aries.

May Moon is also known as Seed Moon, Hare Moon, and Bright Moon. The earth is becoming fertile again. This was the time for the planting rites. Now is the time for communication with other beings and recommiting yourself to the Gods and the Earth. The zodiac association is Taurus.

June Moon is also known as Mead Moon, Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon and Flower Moon. This moon is the moon of summer, and we can start looking forward to the warm nights to come. This is also the time for lovers. Before the height of summer use this time to strengthen your weaknesses. The zodiac association is Gemini.

July Moon is also known as Hay Moon, Wort Moon, and Mead Moon. Pagans celebrate the summer with dancing, drinking, and song. The mead is now made for the coming harvest celebration. Relax and enjoy the warmth of the days and nights. The zodiac association is Cancer.

August Moon is also known as Corn Moon, Harvest Moon, and Barley Moon. This moon marks the beginning of the corn harvest and of drying herbs. This is the time for celebration with people who are close to you. The zodiac association is Leo.

September Moon is also known as Harvest Moon, Barley Moon. The harvesters would gain extra time in the fields by the light of the harvest moon. This is a time of organizing and preparing for the coming months. The zodiac association is Virgo.

October Moon is also known as Blood Moon, and Hunters Moon. This is the annual slaughter of all but breeding stock that took place at this time of the year. This is the time of seeking inner peace and truth. The zodiac association is Libra.

November Moon is also known as Snow Moon, Dark Moon, and Wolf Moon. The Earth lies sleeping beneath a blanket of snow, gathering strength for new life in spring. This is the time for healing and communication. The zodiac association is Scorpio.

December Moon is also known as Oak Moon, Cold Moon, Winter Moon, and Wolf Moon. This is the time of the Dark Lord, with the Oak being his symbol. It is the time of rebirth. The zodiac association is Sagittarius.

I am explaining the moon phases once again for those that keep writing and asking what the difference is. I also have it posted elswhere, but decided to go into a tad more detail here. Each one of these phases of the Moon reflects a Face of the Goddess.

*Maiden: Crescent Phase : freshness, new projects, youth,
 vigor, sexual exploration.

*Mother: Full Moon Waxing: culmination, projects complete,
 sexual fulfillment, contentment, peak of power.

*Wisewoman: Waning/Dark Moon: endings, banishing negativity,
 cleanings and resting. Death and Rebirth.

Waxing Moon:The moon is growing from the new moon to the full moon. When the moon is said to be waxing, it is growing larger, gaining in significance. This is a good time for gain, increase, growth, etc.

Waning Moon: After the full moon is over, the moon appears to be getting smaller. So waning means it is getting "less" and less during this time period. Before long, it will be even less visible and we will be entering the period of the new moon. The moon is diminishing, disappearing, going away, so that makes this the time for ridding onesself of problems, addictions, attitudes, etc.

New Moon: this is the time for new beginnings, for seeking knowledge.

Full Moon: the moon is at the height of her energy, therefore the best time to raise the most amount of energy during workings.



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