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Acupressure identifies twelve major meridians in the human body. (see images above for both front & back views) These meridians are the pathways of chi and blood flow throughout your system. Any break in the flow indicates an imbalance. According to Chinese medicine, an insufficient supply of chi makes a person vulnerable to disease. Restoring the chi as quickly as possible also restores the natural balance of the body, and this is the ultimate goal.

Twelve Major Meridians

The twelve major meridians correspond to certain body parts: kidneys, liver, spleen, hearth, lungs, pericardium, bladder, gall bladder, stomach, small and large intestines, and the triple burner (body temperature regulator). Each meridian is equally represented on each side of the body, and each one is associated with either Yin or Yang. If a person stands with their arms above their head, all the Yin meridians flow upwards, while the Yang meridians flow downwards. Pathways corresponding to the Yang organ are often used to treat disorders of that are Yin related. Each one of these meridians is also a pressure point that can be used to ease certain conditions and ailments.

The Upper Yin Meridians-Travel from the chest to the tips of the fingers
The heart meridian
The lung meridian
The circulation-sex meridian

The Upper Yang Meridians-Travel from the tips of the fingers to the head
The small intestine meridian
The triple warmer meridian
The large intestine meridian

The Lower Yin Meridians-Travel from the tips of the toes to the chest
The spleen meridian
The liver meridian
The kidney meridian

The Lower Yang Meridians-Travel from the head to the tips of the toes
The stomach meridian
The gall bladder meridian
The bladder meridian

Disclaimer: You must use your own discretion if you decide to try this. I take no responsibility for what you do or do not do. I do not know your body nor physical conditions as a doctor would, and although I use acupressure on my self, I can not advise you on your own problems. I am not a psychic, and so I can not heal long distance. And yes, I have worked on others, but anytime the problem was serious, my advice was to go see a qualified physician. In fact, I encourage you to do this anytime you're not up to par, before trying ANY alternative medicine therapy from anywhere!! Stay safe. That way, you won't be sorry. There are numerous books out on the subject as well, that teach "over the counter" medicine. You might try some of those but still, my initial advice stands. Now if you are still interested, lol, here you go:

Guidelines:These techniques are not all inclusive. This is just some basic information that you can easily and safely do in your own home and for yourself.

For local symptomatic relief, identify which accupoints you will need to use. This could be a single point or several. Once you have identified the area , use your fingertips and lightly press down with one or two fingers. Gradually increase the pressure until you are "comfortably" pressing on the area as hard as you can. Do not press so hard that you cause pain, but only mild discomfort.

Hold the pressure steady until you begin to feel a faint pulse beneath the point. This can take anywhere from 3 minutes to 10. For severe problems it may even take longer. When finished, you should slowly reduce pressure until you let off completely. If you feel any pain, STOP.

Working With The Body: The entire body contains accupoints, however, we strongly recommend that you consult a licenced professional when working with a problem of any seriousness.

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