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Verena's Royal Genealogical Homepage

Verena's Royal Genealogical and Photo Homepage

Hello everbody,

my name is Verena, I am a 37 year old German Socialworker and I am also a royal news junkie! I hope to meet others this way! On April 13th 1999 I started to create my website about royalty. You will find news, photos, genealogy and statistics mostly about the royal families of Europe, of the 20th and 21st century and in facts! I will update the royal news and the royal news in photos at least once a week and I would like you to send me lots of e-mails if you have any information, questions or whatever. Have a good time and contact me if you want. If you like my website and think it's worth to be recommended or linked, please do so.


Royal News 2001 from January to June (modified 05.09.01)
Royal News 2001 from July to December (updated 14.12.01)
Royal Genealogical News in Facts 2001 (updated 24.01.02)
Royal News in Photos 2001 (updated 31.01.02)

Royal News 2000 (updated 30.01.01)
Royal Genealogical News in Facts 2000 (updated 24.12.02)
Royal News in Photos 2000

Royal News 1999

WEBSITE LAST UPDATED December 24th 2002! See above!

The current and updated Royal News 2002 and Royal News in Photos 2002 you find on my new royalty website

Verena's Royal News and Photo Page

NOTICE: unfortunately a lot of the photos of 2001 are lost. I didn't had the time to check and delete them all.
Because the MBs are almost used I will not work on this site anymore. You can still use it as archive!

- to Netty, Hein and Henri who were the first three who linked my page
- to all the others who did the same
- to Uwe who helped me to get a homepage at Angelfire. Without him I wouldn't have been able to start!
- to Adriana, Ana, Anuschka, Claudia, Edith, Eric, Henri, Michael and Netty for the photos!