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Royal News 2001

Royal News 2001 (from January to June)

Last updated August 27th 2001 ! Modified September 5th 2001.

Prince Carl Bernadotte celebrated his 90th birthday in Oslo.
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Among the guests:
- from Sweden: King, Queen and Princess Lilian
- from Norway: King, Queen, their two children and Mette-Marit (It was her royal debut!)
- from Belgium: King and Queen
- from Luxembourg: former Grand Duke Jean and his wife Josephine Charlotte

- Funeral of Prince Giovanni of Bourbon-Sicily. Among the guests: the Dukes of Palma de Mallorca, Duchess Pilar of Badajoz, Duke Duarte of Braganza, Princess Adelaide of Orleans.
- Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg appeared in the public for the first time since her bad car accident in September 2000!

The first child of Archduke Paul Georg of Austria (*1964) and his wife Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg (*1972) was born in Budapest today. It was said that the little girl's name will not be published until the baptism in April!

Baptism of Prince Nikolaus Sebastian Alexander Maria of Liechtenstein (*06.12.2000) in Vaduz. His godfather is Hereditary Count Alexander of Quadt, 1st cousin of Nikolaus' mother Duchess Sophie in Bavaria. Special photo page!

Memorial service for King Olav V. of Norway who died ten years ago. The whole Norwegian royal family including Mette-Marit was present.

Today was announced that the civil marriage of Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands will take place in The Hague on May 17th and the religious wedding on May 19th.

Archduchess Eilika of Austria left the hospital with her newborn daughter Zsofia.

Pablo Nicolas Sebastian Urdangarin y de Borbon was baptized in Madrid. His godparents are Princess Alexia of Greece (1st cousin of his mother) and Prince Koubrat of Bulgaria.
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Wedding of Duke Paul Wladimir of Oldenburg (*1969) and Pilar Mendez de Vigo y Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg in Bronnbach/Germany. Among the guests: the Dukes of Brabant, Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg, the Margrave of Baden, Hereditary Prince Ludwig of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg and his wife Elisabeth. Bronnbach was chosen for the wedding because Pilar's grandfather Prince Karl of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg was living there for a long time. Pilar's mother married in the same church!

Princess Victoire of Bourbon-Parma (*1957) died in Neuilly-sur-Seine/France. She was suffering from cancer.


Italy's last Queen Marie Jose, widow of King Umberto II,. died in Geneva/Switzerland. She was born as Princess of Belgium in 1906.

Funeral of Queen Marie Jose in Hautecombe/France. She was buried next to her husband King Umberto II. of Italy.
Among the guests:
- King Albert of Belgium and his wife Paola, Queen Fabiola
- the Grand Dukes of Luxembourg
- Archduke Carl Christian of Austria and his wife Marie-Astrid
- Duke Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta, his wife Silvia, his children Bianca and Aimone
- Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia and his wife Barbara
- King Juan Carlos of Spain and his sister Pilar
- Prince Albert of Monaco
- Duke and Duchess of Braganza
- Empress Farah Diba of Iran
- Princess Beatrice of Bourbon-Sicily
- Duke Carlo and Duchess Camilla of Calabria
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Princess Diane of Fürstenberg married secondly Barry Diller in New York City. She was born as Diane Halfin and is divorced from Prince Egon of Fürstenberg.

Countess Renee Laborde de Montpezat died at the age of 92. She was the mother of Prince Henrik of Denmark.

Today was officially announced by the Count of Paris that is second son and heir to the French throne Duke Jean of Vendome (*1965) will marry Duchess Tatjana of Oldenburg (*1974). The engagement already took place in private some weeks ago. The wedding is expected for autumn. Tatjana is the younger sister of Archduchess Eilika of Austria.

Archduchess Antonia Maria Zita Josepha Kaspara Marcus d'Aviano of Austria (*31.12.2000) was baptized in Luxembourg. Her godparents are her maternal uncle Fürst Carl Christian von Wrede, Archduchess Myriam of Austria (cousin of her father) and Hayo Willms.

Prince William of Wales started a new trip today. This time he will spend three-and-a-half months in Africa.

Death of Count Evrard of Limburg-Stirum (*1927), husband of Princess Helene of France.

Funeral of Comte Evrard in Huldenburg/Belgium.

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (*1968) and his girlfriend Bettina Oedum (25 years old) separated after two years.

Today Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg appeared in the public for the first time after his bad accident last September. Together with his wife Sibilla he attended a basketball match.

- Baptism of Archduchess Zsofia Maria Tatjana Monika Erzsebet Katalin of Austria in Budapest. Her godmother Queen Sofia of Spain was not present.
- Roseball in Monaco. Princess Stephanie was not present. She was in Switzerland with her new lover Franco Knie.

Princess Margaret of England suffered a stroke again. It was her third one all together in the last years. She is in hospital again for the second time this year.

There were rumours on Dutch television that the engagement of Crown Prince Willem Alexander and his girffriend Maxima will be announced this weekend.

This evening Queen Beatrix I. of the Netherlands announced the engagement of her eldest son and heir Crown Prince Willem Alexander (*1967) with his Argentinian girlfriend Maxima Zorreguieta (*17.05.1971 in Buenos Aires). The date of the wedding was not announced. According to German television it shall be in 2002. The Queen described her future daughter-in-law as an intelligent woman and Maxima thanked her future parents-in-law for their support. She said that she is very happy that she is now allowed to appear with Willem Alexander in public.
Maxima's parents were not present because of the political past of Maxima's father Jorge who was a minister of an Argentinian dictator. It is said that they also will not attend the wedding. Maxima's Catholic religion is no problem. Their children will be aducated as protestants. Whether Maxima will convert she doesn't know yet.
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Wedding of Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Sicily, Duke of Noto (*1968; MTD) and Sofia Landaluce y Melgarejo in Madrid. They are together for a very long time and do already have a son Jaime who was born in 1993. The wedding was a very private event. Among the guests: Crown Prince Felipe of Spain, the Dukes of Lugo and the Dukes of Soria with their children.

Beginning of the festivities in Luxembourg: Grand Duke Henri and his wife Maria Teresa celebrated their inthronization again. Because of the accident and bad health of Grand Duke Henri's brother Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg these celebrations had been postponed to April 2001.

Historical meeting in Luxembourg: nearly all Hereditary Princes(ses) of the European reigning houses and their spouses were present to honour the new Grand Dukes (only Prince Charles of Wales was missing) :
- Crown Prince Philippe of Belgium with his wife Mathilde
- Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark
- Hereditary Prince Alouis of Liechtenstein with his wife Sophie
- Hereditary Prince Albert of Monaco
- Crown Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands (without his fiancee Maxima)
- Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway with his fiancee Mette-Marit
- Crown Prince Felipe of Spain
- Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
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Anastasia Margriet Josephine von Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven was born in Amsterdam on Easter Sunday. Little Anna (how she will be called in private) is the first child of Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau (*1969) and his wife Marilene (*1970).
Special Photo Page (by Netty Leistra)

Another Lippe Baby born at Easter (Monday): Princess Luise Anna Astrid Christiane Viktoria zur Lippe was born today in Detmold/Germany. She is the 4th child and 1st daughter of Prince Stephan zur Lippe and his wife Maria (born in 1968 as Countess zu Solms-Laubach).

Queen Elizabeth II. of England celebrated her 75th birthday in private. Even her children were not present. Princess Anne was on an official visit to Latein America and Prince Andrew in South Korea.

Civil marriage of Hereditary Prince Philipp of Stolberg-Wernigerode (*1967) and Countess Caroline von Waldburg zu Wolffegg und Waldsee (*1971) in Wernigerode. Their religious wedding will take place at Schloß Wolfegg in May.

Duke Eudes of Angouleme (*1968) and his wife Marie-Liesse de Rohan-Chabot (*1969) got their first child. It's a daughter called Therese who will be baptized in July.

Civil marriage of Princess Mafalda of Savoy-Aosta (*1969) and Francesco Lombardo di San Chirico in London. Francesco is Mafalda's second husband and the father of her two children Anna (*1999) and Carlo (*2001).

Today was announced by the Royal Palace the Princess Mathilde of Belgium (*1973) is expecting her first child in November.

Crown Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands and his fiancee Maxima had their first public appearence together since their engagement in March. They visited the Dutch "Keukenhof".

Archduke Sigismund of Austria-Tuscany (*1966) and his wife Elyssa Edmonstone (*1973) had their first child. Their son Archduke LEOPOLDO-AMEDEO Peter Ferdinand Archibald Henri Joseph (to be known as Amedeo) was born in Glasgow today and is a future heir to the Grand Ducal House of Tuscany. He also has the title Grand Prince of Tuscany.
His first photo (on the website of Guy Stair Sainty)

Civil marriage of Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands (*1969) and Laurentien Brinkhorst (*1969) in The Hague. Among the witnesses: Constantijn's brother Prince Johan-Friso and Laurentien's brother Marius. The couple will live in London after their wedding.
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Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein (*1969) and his wife Angela Brown (*1958) got their first child today. It's a son called Alfons Constantin Maria who was born in London.

Two religious weddings today:
- Constantijn and Laurentien in The Hague/Netherlands
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- Prince Philipp of Stolberg-Wernigerode and Countess Caroline von Waldburg in Wolfegg/Germany

Today was announced that the wedding of Crown Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands and his fiancee Maxima will be in Amsterdam on February 2nd 2002.

Princess Marie-Esmeralda of Belgium (*1956) got her second child today. Leopoldo Daniel Moncada was born in London.

Tragedy in the Royal House of Nepal: King Birendra and his wife Queen Aiswarya , their two children Prince Nirajan and Princess Shruti and a few other members of the royal family were shooted to death during a weekly family dinner. Crown Prince Dipendra was also seriously hurted. It was said that he was the shooter because he and his father had big private and political problems with eachother. Nevertheless Dipendra became new King and his uncle Prince Gyanendra his regent because the new King was at hospital and in coma.

King Dipendra died and his uncle Prince Gyanendra became new King of Nepal. There was a lot of protest in the public because the people didn't believe that Dipendra was the shooter but somebody else who belonged to the new King who had also political arguments with King Birendra.

Baptism of Prince Achileas Andreas of Greece (*2000) in London.

Princess Leila of Iran (*1970) was found dead in a hotel in London. She died the night before after taking an overdose of pills. It is said that she suffered from depression.

Official annulment of the engagement of Duke Jean of Vendome and Duchess Tatjana of Oldenburg. The reasons should be personal and religious.

King Carl XVI. Gustav of Sweden and his wife Queen Silvia celebrated their 25th wedding anniverary beginning with a costume ball on June 18th.
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Among the guests:
- Queen Margarethe and Prince Henrik from Denmark
- from the Netherlands: Queen Beatrix, Crown Prince, his fiancee, Prince Constantijn with wife Laurentien
- from Norway: King, Queen, their 2 children and Mette-Marit
- from Spain: King, Queen, Crown Prince
- Grand Duke Henri and his wife from Luxembourg
- Prince Albert of Monaco
- King Konstantin and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece
- Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia with his wife Katharine
- Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este

Secret civil marriage of Princess Margarita of Bourbon-Parma (*1972; MTD) and Edwin K.W. de Roy van Zuydewijn (*1966) in Amsterdam. A religious wedding will take place later, probably in France in September.

Religious wedding in Salem/Germany: Hereditary Prince Bernhard of Baden married Stephanie Kaul. Their civil marriage took place the day before.

First public kiss of Princess Charles of Wales and his longtime companion Camilla Parker-Bowles.

- Wedding of Princess Ariana von Hohenlohe-Langenburg and Dennie Dixon Boardman in Marbella/Spain.
- Baptism of Princess Luise zur Lippe in Detmold/Germany. Her godparents are Victoria von Siemens and Count Gregor zu Castell-Castell.

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