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Photos of the Royal House of Orleans in 2001


Official engagement photo of Duke Jean of Vendome (*1965) and Duchess Tatjana of Oldenburg (*1974): their engagement was announced on February 16th.

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Countess Isabelle of Paris with her grandson Jean and his fiancee Tatjana


Baptism of Princess Therese of Orleans, 1st child of Duke Eudes of Angouleme and his wife Marie-Liesse (7.7.)

Thanks to Anuschka!


90th birthday of Madame, Comtesse Isabelle de Paris


Wedding of Princess Ines of Bourbon-Sicily (granddaughter of the Countess of Paris) in Toledo/Spain in October 13th


Duke Henri of France and his wife Micaela attending the funeral of Princess Soraya in Paris

Created September 5th 2001. Updated December 19th 2001.

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