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Laboratory Outline and Objectives
Lab Information - How To Write an Abstract (Correctly)
How to Construct a Graph
Statistical Programs

Lab Investigation - Care & Use of the Microscope
Lab Information for 'Care & Use of the Microscope'
Lab Information - An Introduction to Microscopy: Botany

Lab Investigation - Systems of Measurement
Lab Information - The United States and the Metric System

Lab Investigation - Biological Molecules

Lab Investigation - Mitosis and Cytokinesis

Lab Investigation - Bacteria and Fungi
Lab Information - Azolla - A Source of Cyanobacteria
Lab Information - Bacterial Viruses

Evolution Sites - information and images useful in both lecture and lab

BBC Education: Evolution Homepage The British Broadcasting Company produced this page as part of an evolution weekend that featured shows and debates. This is an engrossing, high-quality site with lots of information and even an evolution simulator/game. Available pages on this website include: Darwin: The Man and His Legacy, The Origin Online [Origin of the Species], Bibliography, Debate, Alife - Biotopia, Life On Earth, Extinction Files, Fossil Roadshow, Natural Selections, Site A-Z, Feedback and Credits. Biotopia is an online artificial life game, which is interesting enough to stimulate quite a discussion (****) -SR

Plant Evolution "Plants onto land - The algae through the gymnosperms" is a single-page site on the origin of land plants, posted as part of Biology 160 - Evolution and Biodiversity. This is content rich, summarizing vascular plant diversification succinctly and illustrating it without wasting links or time. At the end is a free online warm-up quiz. A high quality beginning site on land plant origins. Site by Thomas J. Herbert, Department of Biology, University of Miami. (****)

Plant Evolution Tour Dig in, browse or hold on to this one as a reference. Take the tour, from the beginning of life on earth, to hurdles of land colonization, to the first vascular plants, and on to Baragwanathia Flora, Mega Clubmoss Flora and much more. Appreciate the thickening forest of plant life over time. Understand the richness of what botanists already know. Be challenged to enter this beautiful and flourishing realm of biology.

Synthetic Theory of Evolution: An Introduction to Late 20th Century Evolutionary Concepts and Theories
Cell Sites - information and images useful in both lecture and lab

Cellupedia This model site on the cell is graphically oriented, including all of the major topics that one would like to cover during an introductory course in cell biology. The site has 14 chapters, including: basics, before cells (molecules), origin of cells, cell basics, cell functions, cellular processes, cell metabolism, cell signaling, to name a few. The most interactive part - CellEv - is a Java applet that is currently down. CellEv is a strategy game to be played with others on the Internet, where the object is to out-evolve your cellular competition. Other interactive elements (in addition to CellEv include message boards, news and a timeline history of cell biology. There are also well chosen links, a search engine and ~1300 word glossary. (****) -SR

Web Atlas of Cellular Structures Using Light and Confocal Microscopy Subcellular structures and organelle images are shown on these pages, viewed using fluorescent probes for nucleic acids and specific proteins. Six topics are currently included: the nucleus & microtubules, actin & microtubules, nucleus & actin, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus and stages of mitosis. The images are excellent (and in some cases irreplaceable), but the text content is incomplete and perhaps best complemented by a more complete textbook (or cell biology site). Site by Imaging Technology Group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (****) -SR

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