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In solitude I walk this garden

With tears in my eyes

Remembering our laughter

As we together strolled along

The grotto is overgrown,

The statue someone stole

The path so full of flowers

Is bare and filled with stones

My arms are empty now

Oh! How I miss you my love

My Jay my son

This garden that was ours

So beautiful as it was

No more flowers no more joy

In solitude I walk our garden

Remembering you my love

My heart is full of sorrow

I weep for how it was

The birds are not around

The deer is gone too

The fountain fill with rubbish

Stopped singing long ago!


June 1/2002


The willow branches swing in the breeze-

A bird sings....

I see your face my love,

My beloved son; my Jay

My pain subsides; my heart stops

Your smile is keeping me alive

Sustains my me solace

So much sorrow! alas, so much pain!

And yet your courage your smile

Keeps me alive.

Yesterday was then as it is today

And yet my son my Jay

The willow branches

Keep swinging in the breeze...



In soundless contemplation

Blending with the ones of the universe

Ones of spirit

Sitting in meditation your noble spirit


The feeling of your touch

Your smile mingles with the blue sky

Bringing light to my heart

Then, I discover the garden of joy

And......we are one

The essence of spirit ennobles my being

My love my beloved Jay my son

Who else would know this

This ones between you and I?

Who else would know this?

For an instant my love

I hold you in my arms.


In my grieving heart

You planted a garden of beautiful truth

Time goes by, my beloved Jay

My sorrow gathers the blooms



You planted this garden

Of love full of light

I keep watering your garden

With tears from my eyes


High mountains

deep sea.........a

dense jungle of grass

I can not climb

I can not swim

my heart is deep,

inside this jungle, inside this grass;

blind I am , I can not climb;

in sorrow I cry; with tears am blind

my son, my Jay take my hand

and guide me

through this jungle of grass


THE SEA......

The caress of its foam

Like you, my son your whisper comes

As murmur of waves your laughter comes

I hear you! "I love you Mom"

My tears mingle with the sea salt

my heart mirrors a sea storm......

Oh my Jay! my beloved son!

By Love~Petals


And you always seem to know

You come,..

and touch my hand

To help and comfort me

You are so close always at my side

my sadness seems to calm

You have come, to touch my hand

bringing to me

Once again strength to carry on.

my Jay my love; you stay with me

As my constant help and guide,

My Guardian Angel my son my love,

You are always at my side.



of pure light

You bring my spirit

Out of the dark

As we touch hands

You soothe my consciousness

You embrace my soul

My darling Jay, my beloved son

The shadows dissipate

I feel your caress.......

As a ray of warm sunshine.

You are in my own spirit

My Jay my son

For you and I are one

You and I are one

our spirits are one

We rode then and now

on wings of wisdom and Truth

We glide in eternal flight

as to reach the aim so clearly placed.

For you and I are one

The task that faced us then

Is happened and done….

Our consciousness enlightened by truth

our obligation met, As one, we knew.

Now we glide our spirits,


For the aim was always at hand

We are spirit you and I

We have crossed this path so many times

Why then I long so much for you? my son… Why?

Are we not------you and I


Searching all about.........

I found no trace of thee

Where your friends all gathered

And you had dwelt with them

The weed encrusted building

Was inhabited by none...

The lovely surroundings

Helplessly left alone

Yet, something of those memories

And the greatness of it all

Lingered there; as the

Scent of long ago.............

What happened to the flowers?

Your friends...the tennis court?

The building gray with shadows

Its windows black with soot...

In dense misunderstanding

Of a Story to be told.........

The weed encrusted building

Its windows black with soot

My heart as wilting flowers

With such sorrow from it all

I tried to bring back the years

Of greatness, of joy.

My Jay, my son

But only found more tears

Not greatness or joy..........


Sun Set

Brilliant colors in the sky

Against the blue ocean waves

Foam gathers at the shoreline

I stand and wait…my love my Jay

Your spirit bright as the colors of the sky

I feel your touch as the breeze goes by

Tender and soft you pass me by

Your scent I breath I close my eyes

My darling my son I love you so…….

In solitude I await by the shoreline

You come to me in waves of light


You are here by my side.

Love~Petals 4/8/002

Dream of angels........

mine holds me in his arms

My angel comes and opens his wings......

I am embraced....

The clouds are transparent

and the brightness immense!

His wings encircle me,

I become invisible inside this love;

Another birthday my love?

What does it matter as we have no time?

I hear your whisper; I feel your touch....

I know your wings I felt them before

I am embraced.......I am invisible!

you and I, my Jay, my love.

Happy Birthday my darling Jay.



Can you see my candles

Burning every day?

A light of love I send for you my Jay

white Rays of light

with red roses side by side

though missing from my sight

I see your smile I hear your laughter

You hold me close

Oh,my angel you showed me perfect love

every day I light a candle

That you may see it from above

every day you light my life with love

tears of this great sorrow,

are sweep with wings of love

Love~Petals 5/28/002

My Jay; YOU,

Like the candle,

Gave my life true enlightenment,

I use the candle's inspiration

For my meditation in the night.

When I light the candle,

You smile upon me

My spirit blends with yours

And then,

In light as one we are

Oh! My Jay my love,

As your light joins my light,

Our spirits touch and glow.

My son my Angel, I love you so!

Love~Petals 5/30/02.


~Realm Wanderer~

Softly the leaves of memory fall,

Gently I gather and treasure them all,

Unseen, unheard, you are always near,

Still loved, still missed, so very dear.

No length of time can take away,

My thoughts of you from day to day,

Whatever else I fail to do,

I never fail to think of you.

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