Musical number-Miko

Musical Number: Miko!
(tune stolen form "Once Upon this Island")
New Lyrics by Harmony-chan

(Darkness on stage. 9 shadowy figures are visible. Spotlights up on H-chan and K-chan.)

Both: Ne, taitsukun, write me a story... (lights up on Taitsu-ku, glowring in the darkness)

Ne Nyan-Nyan, dont try to heal me! (lIght up on two dissapouinted looking Nyan-nyans)

K-chan:Chiriko, please just look older? (Light up on an annyoed Chiriko)

H-chan:Nuriko-san, crash that boulder! (Nuriko, flexing and doing muscle poses)

H-chan:Mitsukake, heal my wounds please! (Lights up on the stoic Mitaukake)

K-Chan:Hotohori, just be pretty! (Light up on Hotohori, admiring his royal self in a mirror)

H-chan:Ne, Tasuki-san, be a lighter! (Lights up on Tasuki, who is waving his tessen in the air and laughing. A sharp nudge from Nuriko shuts him up.)

K-chan:Tamahome, be my fighter! (tamahome wanders on stage and is instantly glomped onto by K-chan)

H-chan:Chichiri, please stay close by me? (H-chan looks up hopefully at Chichiri, who ruffles her hair and smiles.)

All:Ne taitsu-kun, write me a story...

(All the lights go up. On the stage, we see a coarboard forest on one half and a cardboard palace courtyard on the other. On the left, we see a Nyan-Nyan with red crayon hastily scribbling color into the red bricks of the palace "walls". She blushed, then stand up, clears her throat and begins.)

Nyan-Nyan(speaking):Once, in Fushigi no LaiLai...

(Nyan-Nyans cheer "Lai-lai! Lai-Lai!" and are scilenced by threat of Taitsu-kuns leathal NyanNyan punt.)

Nyan-nyan: Magical girl appear at Mount Leikyaku!

(A couple Nyan-Nyans swoopdown and pick up the confused H-chan and deposit her in front of Taitsu-kun. Taistu-kun looks over her a minute, nods, and hits her on the head with a big red stick with a bird on it.)

H-chan:What the-

Nyan-Nyan: She was given special job of Suzaku no Miko, savior of universe!

H-chan: Isnt that Sailor-agh!

(Nyan-Nyans shove H-chans arms into clumsy, cardboard wings. They all lift her above their collective heads. H-chan yells and struggles to escape, but is drowned out by the Nyan-Nyan cheering "Mi-ko! Mi-ko!")

Nyan-Nyan: And so, with Chichiri at side-

(The screeching H-chan is deposited into Chichiri waiting arms.)

Chichiri:Daijobu no da?

H-chan:(blushing) Nice catch-nan no da.

Nyan-Nyan:And with Seishi at helm-

(The seishi are herded into the foreground by Taitsu-kun)

Tasuki:Dancing is for %$#@in WUSSES!

Taitsu-kun:Nuriko, hit him!


Tasuki: Owww...(They all get out to their places on the stage and begin to sway back and forth.)


H-chan:Miko...? (confused muttering) How come I gotta sing my own name?

Nyan-Nyan:Ask no question! (eyes turn red, bares cute little fangs)

H-chan:eep. (singing)
Miko....born under a lucky star....
And now Im in anchient China till my dutys through
No Tv and no computer but Ill make do
Surronded with bishonen, with a job to do...


All seishi: Seishi...
Born under our seperate stars!
Chichiri:To guar the worlds savior, they chose seven men
Tamahome:Because were strong!
Chiriko:And smart!
Tasuki:And cause were BI-SHO-NEN! (Grins and does a muscle pose,mostly girl audience swoons with delight)
Hothori and Nuriko (standing to side with distaste) How come we have to help If were prettier than THEM!?!

Seishi:(annoyed groaning) Miko...

(Shrp stings of music come back, Nyan-Nyan floats out and hovers between H-chan and K-chan)

Nyan-nyan But,like all cute story, romantic thing mess up!

(fleet of Nyan-Nyans hover in over the seishi, all chanting.)

Nyan-nyan:La la la la la la la la!

(some Nyan-nyans shove K-chan out into center stage.)

Nyan-nyan:Such as H-chan sidekick, who falls for too-too bishonen blue haired boy!

Nyan-Nyan:Okane-na na na na na! (spotlight on an embarrased Tamahome)

K-chan:Wai! Wai! My time to shine! (does a little dance, singing)I wanna be a star, star, star- (is immedialtely shut up by two annoyed looking Nyan-Nyans with a gag)


Nyan-Nyan:And for Miko-

H-chan: Oh god.(is shoved out by Nyan-Nyan)

Nyan-nyan:It no big secret who she like!

(H-chan sighs in relief, then gags when a heart shaped red spotlite goes up on Chichiri anyway.)

Nyan-Nyan:No da da da da da da da!

H-chan:Gomen ne, Chichiri...

K-chan:(rips gag off, contines singing) Two differtent worlds...

Tamahome:Somehow meant to meet! (runs to his darlings side)

Nuriko:We take no prisoners!

All seishi:Accept no defeat!

H-chan:(To K-chan, singing) I guess were stuck here...

K-chan:I guess thats okay...(shrugs)

Both: Cause after all....

Id rather be here than take finals anyway!(triumphant pose)


If she cant save the world we're screwed!
(all look a little nervous at contemplating H-chan world-saving ablitliys)

K-chan: Now I have Tamahome, and hes all-all mine! (looks over at H-chan expectantly)

H-chan (glaring at K-chan):Chichiri-san and I are doing JUST FINE!...(Looks over at Chichiri, who is using a broom to try to bat down the Nyan-Nyans playing with the spotlights)

Tasuki:(screaming)Is this song over YET?!? God, all you do is WHINE!


H-chan:TASUKI!! (Summons wings, is held down by two suprisingly storng Nyan-Nyan)

Nyan-nyan:Line is "miko!" (sings in little childlike voice)

Seishi & K-chan (echoing in cute baby voices):MI-KO!


All: Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da!

(Ending music, finis)

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