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Test your knowledge of Daisy Berkowitz by taking this little quiz. I changed it around a bit but this will be easier for me so I don't have to mark them which took a whole lotta time! Out of 30 tests the best mark was about 85% and that is good because I think I made this quiz a little too hard

1. where was Daisy Berkowitz born?

2. Name a hero of his

3. What were daisy's first imstruments he played?(name 2)

4. Name three bands Daisy was in before Marilyn Manson

5. What year was Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids started?

6. Where did Manson and Daisy meet?

7. What was the name of The Spooky Kids first album?

8. Gidget Gein was addicted to heroin, what is Daisy addicted to?

9. After daisy left Marilyn Manson he started Three Ton Gate, what was their debut cd called?

10.Discribe how Daisy dressed when he was in The Linda Blairs

11. What is Daisy's current hair colour?

12. What shirt did Daisy where ALOT in concert?(discribe it)

13. Who was the vocalist in Three Ton Gate?

14. What 6 songs did daisy play on Antichrist Superstar?

15. What kind of guitar does Daisy play while playing live?

16. What band is he in now?

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