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My Current Aquariums

55 gal 55 gallon 1 Common Goldfish
9 Zebra Danios
3 Giant Danios
7 Pearl Danios
5 Leopard Danios
2 Weather Loaches
Goldfish Flake
Blood Worms
Tropical Flake
Penguin power filter with mechancial, chemical and biological filters
6 gal Eclipse System 6 3 female Bettas
3 Red Wag Tail Platys
Tropical Flake
Blood Worms
Betta Bites
Eclipse hood with mechancial, chemical and biological filters
1 gal Hex-a-fun 1 Blue male Betta Tropical Flake
Blood Worms
Betta Bites
Undergravel filter
1 gal Critter Keeper 1 Cambodian male Betta
1 African Dwarf Frog
Tropical Flake
Blood Worms
Black Worms
Betta Bites
Undergravel filter
1 qt BettaHex 1 Blue-green male Betta Tropical Flake
Blood Worms
Betta Bites
1 qt BettaHex 1 Red male Betta Tropical Flake
Blood Worms
Betta Bites

Why keep aquariums? There is nothing more relaxing then watching fish glide through the water. Keeping fish and aquariums is a great hobby. There is so much to learn and millions of different tank setups you can do from a cold water setup, to a marine tank, and then even to a giant pond. Then there are so many different types of fish and live plants as well as substrates and decorations that gives each tank it's own personality. The purpose of this page is to share my experiences with you and hopefully you'll give me some new ideas as well.

Updated 11/05/01

I have settled on my new tank. The 29 gallon is scrapped and I am going to a more ambitious 55 gallon. The tank will have my 1 common goldfish, 2 weather loaches and all the rest will be different types of danios. I have not seen a danio community tank beofre but I think it would look bery good. I would use the leopard, zebra, pearl and giant danios. 55 gallons give me plenty of room to have a nice sized school of all of them.

Old updates are in the Archives