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Video Artists of the Web

This is a new (6/13/99) webring designed to link independent video artists who showcase their video art on a web page through video stills, Quicktime movies, Director movies, Real Video, QuickMovies, etc. Film-makers and animators are also welcome.

How to become part of the ring:

Step 1- Fill out submission application.

Step 2- Download the ring image above to your own server

Step 3- Copy HTML fragment and add it to the page of the URL you submitted. (code must remain on your page for the duration of your membership to this ring)

Step 4- Email me to let me know you have added the HTML code to your page.

Step 5- Await inclusion into the ring. I will check to make sure the code works and add your site to the ring, provided that is fits my vision of this ring.

This is how the ring should appear after you have added the HTML code:
(Feel free to customize background colors.)

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Visit the ringmaster's site, The Muse Museum.