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           Andras Sarkozy  has created one of the coolest programs available for world owners.  I hope to get more people using it by writing this tutorial.  I'm also hoping to redeem myself, somewhat, for taking advantage of all the wonderful programs so many of you talented people have designed and objects and avatars you have created and so generously distributed.  I hope this tutorial will be  a helpful addition to our community.


           Why Modular Ground?

           The real world isn't flat, so why should our virtual worlds be?  What D2R can do for you is recreate actual land  masses from the US Geological Survey maps available for free.  If you had such a wonderful time in Hawaii on your honeymoon, you can recreate that beach you stayed on in only a few minutes!  Or,  you want more control over the ground?  You want to play all controlling god?  Then you can create your own ground design using free programs such as Vistapro or Terragen or  even draw them yourself in your favorite paint program and convert them into DEMs in a program such as Bryce 4. or similar program.  There is no limit to what you can do with this program!


           To learn more, lets look at the first window of options given to us in D2R...


Come visit me in Active Worlds, my world is called ArtDeco!