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by Bryan Adrian, 2008

In memory of Dolores Ann Adrian, my mother who just recently died late July 2008

Georgia needs a totally new opposition, or she will sink.


-- this hot issue is now again inflamed in November of 2019

by Bryan Adrian, 2008

Georgia needs a totally new opposition, or she will sink.

For the Future of Georgia !! Hear me out !

I believe Ms. Hammick, a reporter recently writing for JANE'S DEFENSE WEEKLY, upon the upcoming election in Tbilisi , was practicing the art of, as F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, of "the test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function".

How so? She was evidently flipping through her mind the several conflicting tentative dates set for the parliamentary elections, starting back in late 2003. Since Nov. 23rd, 2003 , when President Saakashvili parachuted into his position as ruler of Georgia , and the rarely clarified-in-the-media Georgian constitutional amendments, made in December, 2005, most people are understandably deeply confused and divided on basic democratic procedures here, regarding efforts that would help the majority of people, rather than propping up some cold and abstract ideology in its stead, helping old insiders and new “graspers,” only.

Here is a blurb from Freedom House back in mid-2005, to refresh your memories of the jigsaw puzzle of parliamentary election procedures here:

[First, Saakashvili and NED (the National Endowment for Democracy), and the Liberty Institute set in train the protests which brought him to power on 23rd November, 2003 . Thus, it can be argued, that parliamentary elections should have been held in Nov. of 2007.]

15.06.2005 - Source: Freedom House “... the 2004 elections were somewhat free and fair; however, the level of political pluralism had been severely reduced, as no party could compete with National Movement-Democrats ("Nations in Transit 2005") [#32929], [ID 4745]

"...the elections of 2004 were considered generally free and fair, though voter lists were still not fully complete. There was no harassment of the opposition. However, the level of political pluralism was sharply reduced as the former ruling party completely disbanded and no political group could compete with Mikhail Saakashvili and his National Movement-Democrats.

Only one opposition bloc of the New Rights and Industrialists was able narrowly to overcome the 7 percent threshold for party lists."

Note #1 on Georgia before you read further:

Compared to Georgians and their 6 or 7 thousand year old fiercely loyal and family-relations-devoted traditions, how many Americans do you know who actually continue to look after their old parents and older grandparents and perhaps their great grandparents too, themselves?

Perhaps in the same household? These Georgians, all of them here, would NEVER put an older family member into a rest home, or a Memory Care Home or into a criminally overpriced USA-style and shamefully profitable nursing/senior/memory care home, you know -- the kind of racket in the States backed up in large measure by HHS/MEDICARE political insiders, working along with State and Federal congresspersons, to milk the tax systems bone dry!

These same Georgians are trying to use this familial passion and commitment to forge a new and democratic Parliament this May 21st, 2008 , but the likelihood of any success is as slender as the homeless of New Orleans to get their property back via FEMA programs after Hurricane Katrina.

The forces here preventing a true democracy in Georgia are the identically same forces at work against them there in Louisiana and Mississippi and Texas .

Note #2--QUESTION: How many Americans typically speak and read three languages and alphabets, and who work anywhere from 10 to 25 hours a week overtime, with not even a tetri [penny] of paid overtime, and who never complain about the total lack of labor laws coming out of their Parliament??? Again, nearly zero.

These Georgians here have not yet been educated by their strictly censored media, in any shape or form, upon labor laws or labor rights, yet the USAID personnel here and the US embassy swear this is a "beacon of light" regarding fulfillment of democratic ideals!

A whole new team of concerned Georgians need to take over their parliament, this May 21st, these citizens desperately need new opposition forces deep in their Parliament, and not only the elites and millionaire businessmen/women that they now have as MPs, and THEY should be the 'new ones' to select a new president, if there is to be any hope of true democracy here in Georgia any year soon.

click here

[for a full OSCE report on the unlikelihood of a fair and square parliamentary election in Tbilisi on May 21, 2008 [HIGHLY UNLIKELY] ]

A president such as "Misha" [short for Saakashvili], who galloped into power overnight on the day quoted above, would be fairly tested by the people of his new democracy, if and only if, the people themselves gave him something like his report card grades after the last 4 long years in which he could evaluate himself too, in careful and painful self-examination. The result of a revitalizing and invigorating new parliamentary election process, in which a `new batch of 2008 parliamentary MPs', not in any way part of Saakashvili's clan, nor part of the current Opposition's clan, could and would implement fresh and vigorous legislation and programs. If only they had been allowed to do so at the end of 2007, a global miracle would have been born – a real beacon of light !!!

A real beacon of light, especially when one considers the helpful and democracy-building funding from outside agencies of the last 4 years, thanks to credits and currencies from the USAID, the EU, the UN, SECO/ SDC, the German and Polish governments, et al, who have greatly helped make many of the improvements the Georgians have desperately needed, after the mayhem and ugly scenarios following the collapse of communism in this nation.

Isn't this Parliamentary “stuffing” the nub of the conflict today, and a major cause of the loss of public and international confidence in the current Saakashvili government? Aren't I correct that these Georgians need to immediately reload their Parliament?

Georgians themselves, excluding the ever and over and twice again prospering current Members of Parliament, the normal children of the legendary Family of Georgia are cut off at the knees from any kind of truly democratic structures and planks and platforms, in nearly every respect, in the current situation.

Can anyone remember how Shevardnadze reinstated most of his Parliament after he dismissed them, more or less, can you dig out these events from the faded memories of the past? How many key players in Saakashvili's current clan worked at one time [for quite a long while, indeed] on the monorail of Shevardnadze’s express train to disunity and oblivion and hunger?

Will not the Saakashvili MPs and he as their leader, and most of the old Opposition MPs, simply repeat the same mistakes again and again? So we might conclude after an hour or two of productive thought on this matter, [i.e., of a fresh and uncompromised Parliament], that the Georgian people were indeed deprived of a timely, and legal, and in-their-favor, parliamentary election, in November of 2007, which might have brought about the promising guiding-light of fresh teams of Georgian MBAs and MDs and Master’s degree winners, coming back from USA , UK and Germany and France-- the EU, et al.

A parliament comprised of the principals and top teachers of Tbilisi and Kutaisi and Batumi and Telavi schools, and Georgian physician-activists for the desperately needed hospital care and health care here fighting on the behalf of the struggling desperate people of Georgia , and along with them also, the many passionate property rights activists fighting the Chancellery, and the grey panthers of organized parties of disgruntled pensioners, and the many magnificent and proud Georgians, which include among them the displaced farmers flung from their hectares who are being replaced by huge corporate conglomerated and automated farms, owned by many current MPs, and more and more frequently, supplanted by Chinese imported workers, these urgently needed new MPs who I am dreaming about here-- who might be able to stampede into parliament as newly elected MPs if just given the chance – this imagined truly democratic and model parliamentary election, could come into being at the most opportune time for the natives of this land, early 2009, consisting of the non-elite of Georgia , hopefully.

They will have to swept out most of Misha's MPs, and along with them the bulk of old Shevardnadze and Moscow-resonating fiddlers too, who/which are frequently and deeply embedded in the half- dozen or more, old and very tiresome Opposition parties here, as time rolls on like domestic tank treads on these pot-holed streets?

Such new MPs could rectify the hurried and hasty presidential elections of Jan. 5, 2008 , and would install their own new president. This would improve the quality of Georgian political debates, within a newly transfigured Parliament, MPs most probably not in tune with Misha.

They would have to agree and/or disagree with each other in a gentlemanly or ladylike way, until solutions are legislated and enacted. Political pluralism will flower like the Garden of Eden, and new and friendly coalitions will emerge [only in this scenario] and triumph from the authentic reforms of Saakashvili's first two years. These new and unheard of freshly minted MPs will TRULY debate issues and policies and finances, rather than the mudslinging ejaculations and shouting spasms we see today, and these angels of democracy will be in many aspects watered from the garden of justice, with its flowers showing her firsts blossoms. These new MPs might have had the chance to vote in Parliament on the issues TRULY important to THEM and to their constituents, and not just to pocket USAID and other nation’s aid money for imported goods-laden highways, nor toady up to the Pentagon's missile strategies for Georgia , nor kneel to the proponents of Vladimir Putin, his inner team evidently NOT allies of Georgia , nor would these ideal MPs support the old camaraderie business ties to Russia that are still deeply entrenched here, but not clearly seen, and counterproductive to a new democracy.

I am truly astonished by the bright and hopeful and hard-working and self-sacrificing Georgians in their 20s and 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s also, who are well educated with admirable characters and genuine integrity, and who want to make a big difference in their country's destiny, in a disciplined communitarian manner, women most welcome too, to join the ranks, and they are all blocked by the current `map of democracy', by teams, Saakashvili's team, and the motley cluster of current Opposition teams.

Typical and honest Georgians must control the future of Georgia , and not American military investment conglomerates nor old Russian mafia-like business networks. These sterling Georgians mentioned directly above are the citizens who belong in Parliament and THEY should select a president, if there is to be any hope of true democracy here any year soon. After this "turn- around", Presidential elections could be arranged to coincide with Parliamentary elections, as in other nations. After such a model transition, Saakashvili would go down in history as a fine and admired agent of transition, a team player who saw he should enter private business after 5 years at the helm, rather than what is in store for his legacy should he win the election this Jan. 5th. His past achievements would quite likely be blemished beyond repair by another term in office, and I think he senses this himself!

These new hypothetical MPs would be loyal to Georgia , and her best interests, and not to Saakashvili, as if he were their beloved post-communism, riding-the-tiger boss, or a Godfather in a Francis Ford Coppola film, or a mirror of Putin's firm leadership, and these new hypothetical MPs would not and could not be loyal in any way or manner to any tricked-out business interests of the old Opposition, one would pray also.

Georgia needs a totally new opposition, or she will sink. But she needs CHANGE, and now!



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