I am in the process of trying to put together as complete as possible an index to Cardiff owned ships and those ships which regularly sailed from Cardiff , Barry, Penarth & Newport from around the 1830s to date, with details of gross tonnage, dates of ownership, date of building, yard of building etc

The index I have produced so far contains almost 1000 ships in the categories above. Many of these ships also appear in my indexes to Cardiff Registered Ships and in my indexes to Cardiff Crew Agreements. The three indexes used together should be of use to those trying to trace the ships their ancestors served on where they sailed from Cardiff at some point or were Cardiff owned. The list does not include Pilot Cutters but does include some Tugs and many Paddle Steamers. Pilot cutters will be lited separately when I get around to them. In the meantime contact Phil Roderick.

The index is far from completed but I hope it will prove useful.

Because of space restrictions I have only listed the name, tonnage, date of building and ownership of the ships indexed. I have considerably more information in my database, including the yard where the ship was built, history of ownership, details of where a photograph may be found (From June 2000 I will be able to supply copies of photographs for personal use only).

You might also wish to look at Gilbert Provost's site which lists many ships details.

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