Earl of ButeMartin & Marquand
Earl of DumfriesElliot & Jeffery
Earl of Dumfries1882Martin & Marquand
Earl of DunravenMartin & Marquand
Earl of JerseyMartin & Marquand
Earl of RoseberryMartin & Marquand
East Lynn46851928Reardon Smith
East Wales(1)43211915Gibbs & Co
East Wales(2)43581925Gibbs & Co
East Wales(3)73591944Gibbs & Co
Eastern City43411913Reardon Smith
Eastern City(2)59921917Reardon Smith
Eastern City(3)51851941Reardon Smith
Eastern City(4)184601965Reardon Smith
Eastern City(5)356771976Sold 1979 as Japana
Eastern Valley172031975Reardon Smith
Eastgate16791889Turnbull- Scott
EatonianCambrian Steam Navigation Co.
Ebbw Vale13501881Morel Bros
Ebenezer69Philip & Thomas Morel
Eggesford35661910Tatem Steam Navigation Co.Ltd
Elliot & JefferyElliot & Jeffery
Ely1120Cardiff Steamship Co
Emlyn3701894Emlyn Line
Emlyndene4501904Emlyn Line
Emlynverne5441894Emlyn Line
Emma25201898Turnbull Bros
Empire Cameron70151941Shakespear Shipping Co.Ltd
Empire Candida29081943Abbey Line Ltd (managed)
Empire Eddystone73181945Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Empire Ness29221941W.H.Seager (Manager for Min of War)
Empire Pennant70431942B & S Shipping Co.Ltd
Empire Prospect73311945Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Empire Punch3211942Lovering & Sons
Empire Sky74551941Claymore Shipping Co. Ltd (managers for Min of War)
Empire Wolfe28881941Abbey Line Ltd (managed)
Empress Queen17811940P & A Campbell
Energy294Cory Bros.
Eric27681892Turnbull Bros
Escrick41511910Reardon Smith
Ethel Duncan25101912J.T.Duncan
Ethel Radcliffe56731920Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Etonian38051901Cambrian Steam Navigation Co.
Etonian(2)43061914Cambrian Steam Navigation Co.
Euston27281898Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Euston(2)28411910Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Everilda14551882Turnbull Bros
Exford45421911Tatem Steam Navigation Co.Ltd
Fairwater41081928Fairwater Shipping Co.Ltd
Fallodon30121903Reardon Smith
Falls City47291913Reardon Smith
Farringford31461896Harrogate SS Co.Ltd.
Farringford31461896Jenkins Bros,
Feliciana29221891Feliciana Steamship Co.
Fennel4021941Lovering & Sons
Ferncliffe14811883Morel Bros
Fiscus(1)47821917Tempus Shipping Co.Ltd (Seager)
Fiscus(2)48151928Tempus Shipping Co.Ltd (Seager)
Flimston57511916Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Flimston(2)46741925Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Forest11671880Morel Bros
Forest (2)16441883Morel Bros
Forest(3)49981937Morel Bros
Fort Brandon71311943W.H.Seager (Manager for Min of War)
Fort Frontenac71481943South American Saint Line
Fort Highfield71291943W.H.Seager (Manager for Min of War)
Fort La Traite71341942Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Fort Miami71341942Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Fort Remy71271942Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Fort Richelieu71501943Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Fort Rupert71411942Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Fort Saleesh71671943Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Fort St. Regis71401943South American Saint Line
Fort Tremblant71281942W.H.Seager (Manager for Min of War)
Frances Duncan23841907J.T.Duncan
Fresno City49551929Reardon Smith
Fresno City(2)72611942Reardon Smith
Fresno City(3)1945Reardon Smith
Fresno City(4)166391970Reardon Smith

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