I am collecting together and placing on the web the fleet lists for various shipping companies. 
At the moment I am concentrating on the geographical areas which are of most
interest to me ie South Wales and the North East of England. If anyone has any 
fleet lists for any area of Great Britain I would be most interested to add the 
details to this site. Please e-mail me at

Index to Lists

British Steam Shipping Co. Ltd. (John Cory & Co.), Cardiff

Evan Thomas Radcliffe, Cardiff

Harrowing Steamship Co., Whitby

Hopemount Shipping Co.Ltd., Newcastle-on-Tyne

International Line, Whitby

Medomsley Steam Shipping Co.Ltd., Co.Durham

Milburn Lund & Co.Ltd., Whitby

Ropner Shipping Co.

Rowland & Marwood, Whitby

Thomas Turnbull & Son, Whitby

Turnbull Brothers (Cardiff) Ltd

Turnbull, Scott Ltd.,London

The following abbreviations are used in these lists:-

ARM = Armstrong, Whitworth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
A & P = Austin & Pickersgill, Sunderland
BART = Bartram & Sons Ltd, Sunderland
BETH = Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard Inc., Baltimore, USA
BLYTH = Blyth Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Co., Blyth, Northumbs.
BLYTHSWOOD = Blythswood Shipbuilding Co., Glasgow
CALEDON = Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co.Ltd., Dundee
CAMMELL = Cammell, Laird & Co.Ltd., 
CONNELL = Charles Connell, Glasgow
CRAGGS = R Craggs & Sons, Teeside
DOB = Wm Dobson & Co.Ltd., Newcastle-upon-Tyne
DOXFORD = Wm Doxford
DUCK = Richardson, Duck & Co., Stockton-on-Tees
GRAY = William Gray, West Hartlepool
HARLAND = Harland & Wolff Ltd., Belfast
HARVEY = Harvey & Co., Hayle, Cornwall
HEND = D & W Henderson & Co.Ltd., Glasgow 
IRVINE = Irvine Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Hartlepool
JLT = J L Thompson & Sons Ltd., Sunderland
LAING = James Laing, Sunderland
L & G = London & Glasgow Sbldg. Co., Glasgow
LITHGOW = Lithgow Shipbuilding Co.Ltd., Glasgow
MITCHELL = Charles Mitchell 
N & M = Napier & Miller Ltd, Glasgow
NEWENG = New England Shipbuilding Co. USA
NORTH = Northumberland Shipbuilding Co., Newcastle-upon-Tyne
PALM = Palmer Shipbuilding Co., Jarrow, Co.Durham
PEARSE = M Pearse &  Co., Stockton-on-Tees
PICK = William Pickersgill & Sons Ltd, Sunderland
READ = John Readhead & Co., South Shields
ROPNER = Sir R Ropner & Co.Ltd., Stockton-on-Tees
SHORT = Short Bros., Sunderland
SMITH = Smiths Dock Co.Ltd., North Shields
SUND = Sunderland Shipbuilding Co
SUTH = Sir Arthur Sutherland, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
SWAN = Swan Hunter Shipbuilding Co.Ltd., 
THOMP = R Thompson & Sons Ltd., Sunderland
TURN = Thomas Turnbull & Sons Ltd, Whitby
TYNE = Tyne Iron Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, Willington-on-Tyne
WBT = W B Thompson, Dundee
WITHY = Furness, Withy & Co.Ltd, Hartlepool
WORK = Workman, Clark & Co.Ltd, Belfast 

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