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Andersonís dream to revitalize youth programs in his hometown neighborhood has eventually flourished in the form of Derek Anderson Foundation. The main target of the foundation is to investigate and improve the future of the young people and others. Through the popular and effective ASSIST programs, The Foundation has divided its work equally across three important segments - Community, Youth and The Future.

The Community Assist Program works intimately with various local, regional and national organizations to assist youth initiatives and improvement projects. Derek actively participates in the various programs. From being an advisor to the participants to the planning activities, he provides his full assistance.

The Youth Assist Program focuses on education, sports and fitness with a variety of programs including a basketball camp, golf clinics, college basketball recruitment assistance, and several educational scholarships that not only infuses athleticism and sportsmanship but also educates about other opportunities available other than sports.

The Future Assist Program is focused on providing new hope and better opportunities for children and adults alike. Under this program they facilitate a safe, drug-free learning center where kids and adults can come to enjoy sports and physical activities as well as learn about computers, arts, and life.

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