A Manual of Scripture

Presenting a New Approach to the Study of the Scriptures

The intent of this page is to present an idea for a new approach to the study of holy scripture.

Rather than dividing the scriptures arbitrarily by chapter and verse, as has traditionally been the case within the Old and New Testaments, let us rightly divide the scriptures according to their natural divisions found within the original text.

A New Cross-Reference Study Manual could be created based on the realization that many of our sacred writings seem to divide naturally into 114 sections, each section with its own inter-connecting themes. This New Study Manual could rightly divide the various scriptures into their 114 sections, and then connect corresponding sections of various scriptures together for comparison and contrast, and for meditation and for study.

These previously unrecognized structural divisions will demonstrate embedded and hidden connections between the various scriptures, perhaps revealing secrets never seen in this generation. Scriptural Mysteries kept shrouded through the division of cultures, and the separation of peoples may now be unveiled, and then made manifest.

This new Cross-Reference Study Manual may bring Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scriptures together in a way that allows for ease of cross examination. For example “The Gospel of Thomas,” “The New Testament,” “The Holy Quran,” and some of the relevant “Old Testament” writings can be brought together into One New Cross-Reference Study Manual.

The 114 divisions within the scriptures will easily become visible. For example, both “The Quran” and “The Gospel of Thomas” are each divided into 114 sections or themes. The Gospel of Thomas has 114 logion or sayings. The Quran has 114 surahs or chapters. Each Logion can be used to interpret each Surah, and in like manner, each chapter of the Quran elaborates on each of the sayings of Thomas.

See The Harmony of The Gospel and The Quran

Each of the New Testament writings also divides neatly into 114 sections. For example, just like the Quran, the Gospel of Mark from the New Testament divides into 114 sections each building upon and corresponding to the 114 sayings of the Gospel of Thomas.

See The Harmony of The Gospel and The New Testament Writings

Some Old Testament writings also seem to follow the thematic patterns found in these 114 sections. The Song of Solomon is one such example.

See A Harmony of The Prophesied Two Sided Gospel Scroll and Old Testament Scriptures

After the scriptures have been rightly divided, then the demonstrable harmony and interconnectedness between the various scriptures becomes visible. Placed side by side we can make the two into one.

Jesus said “When you make the Two into One then you will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven” Thomas 22

As we discover the hidden harmony of the sacred scriptures, may we also uncover our own sacred interconnectedness and harmony. The beneficial nature of the oneness of the scriptures may reveal our own oneness. You are a letter known and read by all men.

Perhaps eventually, computers will allow comparison between the scriptures of the various traditions. It is hoped that each of the 114 sections of any scriptural book will be easily compared to the corresponding section within any of the other scriptural books. Once the 114 sections of any two scriptures are known, a computer program could be easily created that would allow a side by side comparison using the existing translations currently in the public domain. For example, section 1 of “The Song of Solomon,” “The Gospel of Thomas”, The Book of Revelation,” and “The Quran” could all be compared together, side by side, each providing insights into the other.

However, as useful as a computer program might be, I think the first step might be to create and actual book or manual that that unites the scriptures from the three traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. One might imagine an 8 ring binder turned sideways so that the binding is seen or held horizontally. For example, rather than reading like a regular book with the binding held vertically, the binding is held horizontally like a flip chart. This allows the scriptures to be read almost like a scroll. On the first 4 rings on the left side of the 8 ring binder would be the 114 sections of the Quran. On the second 4 rings on the right hand side of the 8 ring binder would be the 114 sayings of The Gospel of Thomas. Each of the 114 Surahs of the Quran could be studied and interpreted together with the corresponding of the 114 saying from the Gospel of Thomas.

Now imagine that another copy of the 114 sayings of Thomas is placed on top of the Quran on the left hand side of the binder. Also placed on top of the Gospel of Thomas on the right hand side of the binder is a copy of the New Testament. As mentioned previously, each of the books of this New Testament have also been divided into their 114 sections, even as the gospel of Thomas and the Quran are naturally divided into their 114 sections. In this way, each of the 114 sections of each of the New Testament books, on the right side of the binder, can now be easily compared to either of the corresponding 114 sections of the Gospel of Thomas, or to the corresponding 114 Surahs of the Quran on the left side of the binder.

Furthermore, certain relevant sections of the Old Testament which also follow this pattern of 114 sections could also be added to the binding. One such Old Testament book that has been found to have these 114 sections is “The Song of Solomon.” Each of the sections of “The Song of Solomon” could then be compared to each of the relevant sections in either of the Gospel of Thomas, the New Testament writings, or even the Quran.

Eventually it may be noticed that each of the 114 sections has a particular theme or message. By placing each of the 114 sections of these books from the various religious traditions side by side, the individual themes of each of these 114 sections can be studied together and side by side. The divine message found within the corresponding scriptures may be seen as reinforcing each other.

May the complementary nature of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scriptures finally be known by all. Perhaps we may even discover our own complementary natures.


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