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After a recent meeting for worship it was suggested that three succinct quotes are often effective to express and summarize a personal perspective, outlook, or belief. Here are three of my favorite quotes.
在 最近一次参加的礼拜会议之后,有人建议三条简短的格言通常足以有效地来表达和总结个人的观点、见解或者信仰。这里是三个我最喜欢的格言。

Christ is all, and in all, (Colossians 3:11).
That God may be All in All, (1 Corinthians 15:28).
He that is joined unto the Lord is One Spirit, (1 Corinthians 6:17).
耶 稣是所有,并且存在于所有人当中。(歌罗西书 3:11
神 是万物之主。(1科林斯式15:28).
与 主联合的人跟主是同一灵魂。 (1科林斯式6:17).

Together they say to me that the Christ is all, and that God is all, and that We are all… One.
他 们一起对我说:耶稣是所有,神是所有,我们是所有的一切。

URfriend, Dean Johnson
你 的朋友,迪恩 约翰逊

P.S. Love is revealed to “gather together in One all things in Christ” showing us that nothing could separate us from God, or one another, (Ephesians 1:10, Romans 5:8, 8:39).
附 言:爱是表现在“一起聚集在耶稣的所有一切当中”。这告诉我们,没有任何东西能够将我们与神分离,或者相互分离。(以非所书 1:10, 罗马书 5:8, 8:39).

Love reconciles everything, making peace with everything and everyone in heaven and on earth, (Colossians 1:20).
爱 使万物和谐,使天堂和地球上的每件事物和每个人之间言归于好。(歌罗西书1:20).

The alienation and separation people experience in a darkened mind are just temporal lies, deceptions, and misperceptions, (Ephesians 4:18).
人 们黑暗心灵中经历的疏远和分离只是暂时的谎言,欺骗和误解。(以非所书 4:18).

For Christ is all. God is all. And We are all ….One.
因 为耶稣是所有,神是所有,我们是所有的一切。

With the mind of the Christ we can see beyond a limited individual human viewpoint to the divine perspective revealed at the consummation, to Eternity where "God is all".
和 耶稣的心灵在一起,我们能够看到超出人类个体限制的观点到圆满当中的神的观点,直到“神是所有”所在的永远。

Seeing everyone as joined to the Lord, and as One Spirit.
URfriend, Dean Johnson

我正看见每个人与主联合一 起,成为一个灵魂。

你的朋友,迪恩 约翰逊

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