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Date Venue Location Set Rec
02.25.97Velvet Elvis Seattle, WA
02.27.97 Neurolux Boise, ID Set Rec
02.28.97Neurolux Boise, ID
03.01.97 Westpark Events Center Boise, ID
03.16.97KNDD-FM Seattle, WA Set Rec
03.26.97 Crocodile Seattle, WA
03.27.97Neurolux Boise, ID
03.28.97 Capitol Theater Olympia, WA Set Rec
03.30.97Velvet Elvis Seattle, WA
04.03.97 WSU CUB Butch's Den Pullman, WA
04.17.97Concert Cafe Green Bay, WI
04.27.97 Mod Lang Records Berkley, CA
04.27.97Slim's San Francisco, CA
05.02.97Bluebird Theater Denver, CO Rec
05.03.97 Fox Theater Boulder, CO Set Rec
05.09.97Showbox Theater Seattle, WA
05.20.97 Moe's Seattle, WA Set Rec
06.07.97RCKNDY Seattle, WA Set Rec
07.18.97 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA Set Rec
07.19.97Capitol Theatre Olympia, WA Set Rec
08.04.97 Old Firehouse Redmond, WA Set Rec
08.29.97KNDD-FM Seattle, WA
08.29.97 Bumberclub Seattle, WA Set Rec
09.06.97The Black Cat Washington, DC Set Rec
09.09.97 Mercury Theater Knoxville, TN Set Rec
09.15.97Bluebird Theater Denver, CO Rec
09.16.97 The L@b Henderson, NV Rec
09.18.97 Actor's Theater Santa Cruz, CA
09.19.97Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA Rec
10.15.97 Velvet Elvis Seattle, WA
10.17.97Neurolux Boise, ID
10.18.97 Filling Station Bozeman, MT
10.20.97house party Sioux Falls, SD
10.21.97 1st Ave. Cabaret Fargo, ND
10.22.977th St. Entry Minneapolis, MN
10.23.97 Gabe's Oasis Iowa City, IA Set Rec
10.24.97Caughy House Beloit, WI
10.25.97 Fireside Bowl Chicago, IL
10.26.97Howard's Bowling Green, OH Set Rec
10.27.97 Speak in Tongues Cleveland, OH
10.28.97Club Laga Pittsburgh, PA
10.29.97 Fletcher's Baltimore, MD
10.30.97Middle East Upstairs Cambridge, MA
10.31.97 Pontiac Grill Philidephia, PA
11.01.97Brownies New York City, NY
11.02.97 Brownies New York City, NY
11.03.97Unknown Providence, RI
11.04.97 Alley Katz Richmond, VA
11.05.97Sugar Doe Cafe Louisville, KY
11.06.97 The Point Atlanta, GA
11.07.97Mercury Theatre Knoxville, TN Rec
11.08.97 Sudsy Malone's Cincinnati, OH Set Rec
11.09.97Rhino's Bloomington, IN Set Rec
11.10.97 The Side Door St.Louis, MO
11.11.97The Bottleneck Lawrence, KS
11.13.97 Unknown Unknown
11.14.97The Big Fish Pub Tempe, AZ
11.15.97 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA
11.16.97The Casbah San Diego, CA
11.17.97 Moguls Los Angeles, CA
11.18.97P.C.W. Huntington Beach, CA
11.19.97 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA Rec
11.20.97Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA
11.21.97 Sebastopol Community Center Sebastopol, CA
11.22.97 W.O.W. Hall Eugene, OR
11.28.97Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR
12.04.97 Viking Ballroom Bellingham, WA
12.06.97KCMU Radio - The Live Room Seattle, WA Set Rec

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