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Drop Zone
Manufacturer of Exceptional Gear for Military, Police and Emergency Services.

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Technical Product

Modular Universal Loadbearing Equipment System (MULES)
MULES Assault, Patrol, Guide and Recce Packs
Modular Universal Loadbearing Equipment System (MULES) Pouches
Tactical and Survival Clothing
Mil SpecWiggy's Inc.®Arctic Sleeping Bags* and Lamilite® Parkas
Gear and Accessories Made to Military Specifications
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Our "Fair Deal Guarantee"

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  We would like to express our solem respect and appreciation for the brave soldiers of 3PPCLI who are paying for our safety with their sweat, their blood and their lives.
  The deserve all the support, both public and private, that we can give.


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Drop Zone Clothing and Gear favored by Soldiers, Police and Emergency Workers.
*We are proud to manufacture Wiggy's® sleeping bags under license from Wiggy's Inc,. exclusively for sale in Canada.

Wiggy's Inc. and Lamilite® are registered trademarks of Wiggy's Inc,. P.O. Box 2124, Grand Junction, Colorado 81505.