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Episodes Complete
This is sitll MY domain! Haven't Updated all week, but I am updating right now. I finished the Episode Summaries Section and am moving on to the Characters Section. This one is gonna take a while. I won't be able to do an update next sunday but I will try to update next week.

The Updates Continue
This is sitll MY domain! I'm continuing the conversion to the new layout. The Episode Summaries, and Charater Sections are time consuming, which is why I am taking so long. I plan to do regular updates to this site, and have set Sunday Mornings from eight untill noon aside to work on this it. While doing updates I'll also be logged onto MSN if you wish to contact me directly. Send me any questions, comments, concerns to

Some Site News. . .
This is sitll MY domain! I'm updating the look of my site, as well as the content of some pages. Whenever a link disappears from my site directory, that means that I'm currently converting it to the new format. Sort of like a countdown. Actually since most of my traffic comes from search engines, most of you will saw the new layout before this plain one. Oh well! I'll try to finish my update of updates before the end of November.

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