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13/03/02 I thought it's about time that someone cleans the news. We're still in need of things - of Women and of someone with a T1 or better to host matches for us. If you have such a line and want to join regard yourself as accepted, no matter how you play :)
13/11/01 BoS have been added onto the clan list at Nolfgirl, If thats not acceptance what is, If you didn't follow the link from Nolfgirl then I suggest you have a look... its a great site, link is in our Nolf Sites page.

Big thanks to Glue for adding us on :)
Founders I forgot to mention the Founder's of BoS, Brotherhood Of Steel was founded by Crayon and co-founded by Jack Ryan who also thought up the name, Cheers Jack.
08/11/01 New Clan Formed Brotherhood Of Steel was officially created today, I'd been planning to unvail her for ages but only really just got round to finishing the web page, If you would like to join the clan click on join in the menu and fill out your details, If you would like to arrange a match against us drop me an email

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