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THE website has been updated today (18-04-03) Now with a multimedia section, with clips from various matches. Also, please send in your Questions for Simmons to answer via the Q & A page.



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THE BODY SCIENCE deal came as a shock to me but I am really happy with it. It will give me a chance to REALLY get back into shape. I am only just back on the weights after a 5 month lay off...


Mr Big Time signs on with Body Science Sports and Lifestyle Supplements!

John Howarth (AKA Mr Big Time John Simmons) has become the first Professional Wrestler in Australia to sign a deal with a Sports Supplement Company – Body Science! Simmons joins the likes of the Canberra Raiders, South Sydney Rabbitohs, Sydney Roosters, Iron Man Ky Hurst, Individual League players Ben McDougall (Manly), Paul Gallen (Sharks), Matt Jobson (Newcastle), Matthew Peterson (Parramatta), Graeme Dann (Townsville Crocs NBL Basketball) Craig and Brad Rogers (Kayaking) plus a team of Body Builders & Triathletes.

Body Science’s Greg Young and James Grasso were impressed with Simmons physique and wrestling ability and persona when they attended the Australia Super Show in December. They contacted Simmons and the deal was recently done.

Simmons will endorse and use Body Science products as well as having his own Sub Site on the Body Science web site where he will post articles, advice and have all profile details available. He will also make appearances on behalf of Body Science.

Simmons is looking forward to the partnership: “It’s a great feeling to be recognised by the leading Sports Supplement company in Australia, it came as a surprise and at the right time as I have just started back into training after the serious bicep tendon injury I had. James and Greg are great blokes, with a real vision and superior knowledge of supplements and what the athletes needs. I expect Body Science to make huge inroads on the world market in the very near future. The product is second to none, and it’s an honour to be part of such a great team! All my details will be up on their site shortly”.

Check out Body Science at

"I'm getting ready for the Big Time, someday I'm gonna be Big Time news. I can taste it, all that Prime Time. Someday you'll call me Mr Big Time too!"
















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