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Radu (Anders Hove) - The blood thirsty bad guy of the Subspecies series. Radu cannot live in peace with the humans like his family, and believes he is the rightful owner of the Bloodstone.

Stefan (Michael Watson) - Radu's younger (half) brother. He lives at peace with the mortal world and is the supposed next in line to posses the Bloodstone.

King Vladislav (Angus Scrimm) - The head of the family of vampires and possesor of the Bloodstone at the beginning of the series.

Michelle (Laura Tate) - One of the three girls who visit Transylvania in order to study the local folk lore. Becomes the focus of the second two movies.

Mara (Irina Movila) & Lillian (Michelle McBride) - Michelle's two college friends who are her partners in the studies.

Karl (Ivan J. Rado) - The owner of the establishment the girls stay at and good friend of Stefan.

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umm..don't read any further if you haven't seen the movie and don't want it spoiled


The first movie in the series is more or less a struggle of power between the two vampire brothers (Radu and Stefan). Radu, who was bannished from the castle because of his refusal to get along with the humans, returns at the beginning of the movie to confront his father (King Vladislav) about how he is the rightful successor to the Bloodstone since he is the eldest son. Radu ends up killing his father and stealing the Bloodstone.

Once Stefan learns his brother is back and has killed his father, he relizes it is time to stop Radu once and for all. He and Karl start preparing for the final confrontation.

In the mean time, three college girls (Michelle, Mara, and Lillian) arrive in Transylvania to conduct a study on the legends and folk lore of the area. Through Karl and a gypsy they meet in town, they learn about the stories of the local vampires.

According to the legend, a family of vampires saved the city from an attack by the Turks. In return, the gypsies went to Rome in order to steal a stone that eternally bleeds the blood of saints. The Bloodstone is what allows the vampires to survive without having to hunt the living.

Radu, being the natural hunter that he is, takes it upon himself to turn the girls into his vampire slaves one by one. This all leads up to the final confrontation at the end of the movie. To make a long fight short, all that is evil dies. Michelle pleads with Stefan (who have by now fallen in love with eachother) to bite her so she would end up like him rather then Radu.

The final seconds of the movie show that Radu's little subspecie servants are still alive and are approahing the decapitated Radu. Radu's head grows a sinister smile..make room for a sequal :)

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